All You Need To Know About Ghatak Gaming: Career, Esports Journey And Achievements

Ghatak gaming is a big name in the esports community. Know everything about him.

All You Need To Know About Ghatak Gaming
Know about Ghatak’s journey

All You Need To Know About Ghatak Gaming: Abhijeet Harishchandra “GHATAK” Andhare is one of the finest in-game leaders and coaches of Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) and PUBG. He has played for some of the biggest teams in the world including TSM-Entity. Currently, Ghatak is the 5th player and coach for Godlike Esports.

He guided his team to win the PMCO Fall Split, South Asia and represented the country in the Global finals where Entity finished 5th, bringing out the best performance by the Indian team in PUBG (Now Orange Rock-2nd position in PMWL). To know more about Ghatak, read this article till the end.

Ghatak Gaming: Career, Esports Journey And Achievements in PUBG Mobile And BGMI

TSM Entity Ghatak
Ghatak with his teammates during his TSM days

Most of the fans know Ghatak from the entity days. However, he used to be a part of a clan named ORB in his initial PUBG days. During seasons 3 and 4, Ghatak used to rank push with his ORB teammates where he achieved the highest 3rd rank in Season 4. Later on, he jumped into competitive to lift up several trophies.

Before PUBG Mobile came, Ghatak used to play cricket and represented his state in u-17. Furthermore, an accident forced him to leave cricket. Later on, he started his own business in Pune and owns a Photo Lab. Before diving into PUBG Mobile, Ghatak used to work full time in his business of Photography.

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Esports Journey

Ghatak formed a team to compete in the PMIS where Team Soul emerged as the final winners. ORB were eliminated in the semi-finals. In an interview, Ghatak confessed that he wanted to be on the next LAN event as Mortal’s rival and he said him so.

All You Need To Know About Ghatak Gaming
Ghatak Gaming with Mortal

Ghatak and his team qualified for the PMCO spring split where ORB finished 6th. Soon after the tournament two of the ORB players Neyo and Ghatak were acquired by Entity gaming. Ghatak formed a team with Neyo, Jonathan and Aman played for Entity gaming.

The team qualified for the ESL Mobile open and represented India in Milan where they finished 5th. The team’s aggressive nature was a new thing for Indian fans and they were showered with love.

Ghatak’s IGLing was on point and he knew how to use the gun power which he has with the likes of Jonathan, Aman, and Neyo.

Ghatak has won several PUBG Mobile and BGMI trophies which is enough to state that he is one of the best in his job. Here are some of the trophies and achievements by Ghatak:

  • PUBG Mobile Club Open Spring Split: 6th
  • Vodafone 5G ESL Mobile Open( Milan): 5th
  • PUBG Mobile Club Open – Fall Split South Asia: Winner
  • PUBG Mobile Pro League – South Asia Season 1 Finals: 2nd
  • PMIS 2020: Winner
  • PUBG Mobile World League Season 0 (East): 6th
  • Skyesports Championship 3.0: Winner


Ghatak owns a Youtube channel named Ghatak gaming. Currently, the channel has over 500k subscribers.

Also, he is very active on Twiter where he has more than 80k followers.

So, these were all the details about Ghatak Gaming. To read similar articles like this, click on the link below.

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