BGMI 2.4 Update: Krafton is Going to Unban BGMI Game?

Bgmi ban
21/12/2022/Players are expecting BGMI returns. Some rumors spreading that BGMI 2.4 may come in January/Credits: Guptesh Gaming YouTube.

Players are always expecting BGMI to give come back to India. After being blocked in India, BGMI hasn’t gotten any new versions for more than four months. The BGMI Mobile 2.4 update is expected to release sometime in mid-January 2023, according to the game’s developers. The delivery of a fresh update for Battlegrounds Mobile India, on the other hand, is now uncertain due to Krafton’s lack of confirmation. After the South Asian area unblocks it. It is possible that Krafton will release the most recent patch for their Indian PUBG Mobile version.

Players should not anticipate the same thing to happen for Battlegrounds Mobile India until Krafton formally confirms an unban date. PUBG is now awaiting its 2.4 upgrades after the 2.3 release. Furthermore, there is no assurance that BGMI’s services would remain available after January 2023 because some belief the game servers to be down.

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BGMI 2.4 Update

Despite the uncertainty surrounding Battlegrounds Mobile India’s future, Krafton has made it clear that it intends to keep running its business in the country. The South Korean video game company has made clear that it will keep working to get Battlegrounds Mobile India’s services back up and running in India.

 The following was the positive comment that Krafton made in its Q3 earnings report, which was released on November 11. The official announcement is that krafton always looking at the BGMI game closely whether any miss happenings happen.

The game has seen two server maintenance interruptions in the past two weeks after Krafton made the statement public. The most recent break included a little update that was 16.91 MB in size. Even if neither maintenance break brought new content to the game, it is still a sign that the servers might not go down anytime soon.

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Fans should rely on the game’s developers to provide further information; the game might not soon receive a patch update like the 2.4 version. They should stay away from any false information about the game in the interim.

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