BGIS Quarterfinals Day 3 Group 1 Results And Overall Standings Here

Know all the details of BGIS Day 3 including the highlights and standings here.

BGIS Quarterfinals Day 3 Group 1 Results
Famous names like Skylightz, XSparX and TSM played on Day 3

BGIS Quarterfinals Day 3 Group 1 Results: The third day of Battlegrounds Mobile India Series was full of shockers as many invited teams were eliminated. Teams like Orange Rock, TSM, Skylightz, Team XSpark, and other big names from Group 1 played their six games on Day 3 of BGIS.

Out of six qualifying teams, five of them were invited to Round 3. It was an interesting fight as few teams managed to qualify for the BGIS semifinals on the very last match.

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BGIS Quarterfinals Day 2: Teams Qualified And Results

group 1 results

A total of 16 teams battled on three different maps to conquer the top six positions. Moreover, the top 6 teams qualified for the next round, i.e. semifinals of the Battlegrounds India series.

So, let’s have a look at the teams which participated on Day 3 from Group 3 of the BGIS quarterfinals.

  • Celsius Esports
  • One-sided Glory
  • Skylightz Gaming
  • TSM
  • Team X Spark
  • Orange Rock
  • Orangutan
  • Rivalry Esports
  • Version 1 Esports
  • SIN official
  • Deadeye Esports
  • Team KBP Jodd
  • Obeyy Esports
  • Fault Esp
  • DestructaX
  • Orgless 5

Here is the list of Top 6 teams from the overall standings with points:

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  • Skylightz Gaming: 95 points
  • Orange Rock: 87 points
  • Orgless 5: 73 points
  • TSM: 71 points
  • Team Xspark: 63 points
  • Celsius Esports: 47 points

team xspark bgis

Invited teams like Rivalry esports and Orangutan failed to qualify for the next round.

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BGIS Quarterfinals Day 2, Group-2: Match Results And Reports

Match-1: Skylightz with a banging start

group 1 quarterfinals bgis results
BGIS Quarterfinals Day 3 Group 1 Results: Skylightz with the WWCD

Skylightz gaming kicked off the day on a high note as they collected 22 kills and sealed the chicken dinner for themselves. Moreover, teams like TSM and Orange Rock also grabbed some good kill numbers but failed to come on top.

Fan-favorite team X Spark was eliminated earlier with 2 finishes.

  • Map: Erangle
  • Winner: Skylightz Gaming-37 points (Winner Winner Chicken Dinner)
  • 2nd: Orange Rock- 20 points

Match-2: Chicken Dinner For Orgless 5

BGIS Quarterfinals Day 3 Group 1 Results XSPark
BGIS Quarterfinals Day 3 Group 1 Results: OL5 with their first WWCD

Orgless Five had the chicken dinner on the map of Miramar with 13 kills. Moreover, TSM again finished second on overall standings and maintained the consistency which was needed.

Team XSpark came back fought hard but finished second behind the Orgless Five. However, despite finishing second on the map, they were on the third spot on the overall standings as TSM had some good kills.

  • Map: Miramar
  • Winner: Orgless 5-28 points (Winner Winner Chicken Dinner)
  • 2nd: TSM- 18 points
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Match-3: 2nd Win For Skylightz Gaming; Makes It Two In Two On Erangle

bgis team xspark group 1
BGIS Quarterfinals Day 3 Group 1 Results: Team Xspark and TSM were eliminated early

Skylightz gaming grabbed their second chicken dinner on the third game which almost confirmed their qualification in the next round. Moreover, it was team Orange Rock and Orgless Five once again in the top three maintaining the consistency.

Big names like Team Xspark and TSM were eliminated earlier in the match.

  • Map: Erangle
  • Winner: Skylightz Gaming-26 points (Winner Winner Chicken Dinner)
  • 2nd: Orgless Five- 23 points

Match-4: Celsius Esports With A Undisputed Win

BGIS Quarterfinals Day 3 Group 1 Results: Another 3 point finish for Team Xspark

Finally, an underdog team won a match from Group 1 as Celsius esports clinched the victory on Sanhok. Moreover, they won the match undisputed as most of the teams decided to go on a heal battle at the end.

Skylightz gaming and Orange Rock once again managed to grab good numbers. On the other hand, it was once again a disappointment for TSM and Team Xspark.

  • Map: Sanhok
  • Winner: Celsius Esports-24 points (Winner Winner Chicken Dinner)
  • 2nd: Skylightz Gaming- 18 points
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Match-5: Orange Rock Finally Claims A Win

bgis team xspark group 1
BGIS Quarterfinals Day 3 Group 1 Results: WWCD for Orange Rock

After performing consistently, Orange Rock finally got their Chicken Dinner on the 5th map which was played on Miramar. Furthermore, the team almost ensured their qualification after the win along with Skylightz Gaming.

Team Xsprak once again finished second on the map of Miramar. However, team Celsius, who won the last game, grabbed 10 kills but were eliminated earlier in the game.

  • Map: Miramar
  • Winner: Orange Rock-29 points (Winner Winner Chicken Dinner)
  • 2nd: Team Xspark- 17 points

Match-6: TSM pins the final nail

BGIS Quarterfinals Day 3 Group 1 Results

TSM claimed their much-expected chicken dinner on the final match. However, all the eyes were on Team Xspark as they were not very much assured about their qualification. But, the second finish almost guaranteed the slot for the next round for team Xspark.

  • Map: Erangle
  • Winner: TSM-26 points (Winner Winner Chicken Dinner)
  • 2nd: Team Xspark- 21 points

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