BGIS Round 3 Day 4: GodL Qualifies For Next Round, List Of Qualified Teams Here

Know the full results of BGIS Day-4 here.

BGIS Round 3 Day 4
Teams like Godlike and Skylightz played on Day-4

BGIS Round 3 Day 4 Results: The fourth day of the Battlegrounds India series was full of entertainment and surprises. Most of the invited teams qualified for the next round of BGIS, with the likes of Godlike Esports and Enigma Gaming.

A total of 16 teams qualified on the fourth day for the next round. Furthermore, fan-favorite team Godlike managed to qualify for the next round, but Enigma Gaming came on top in their group. So, let’s have a look at the results and the list of teams, which qualified for the next round.

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BGIS Round 3 Day 4: GodLike Esports, Enigma Gaming In Next Round, Full Results Here

Group-6 Results

  • Skylightz Gaming: 62 points
  • Mastizone Gaming: 45 points
  • KBP JODD: 41 points
  • DestructaX: 31 points

Group-10 Results

Godlike esports
Godlike are favorites to win BGIS
  • Enigma Gaming: 68 points
  • Godlike Esports: 51 points
  • Tactical Esports: 37 points
  • 2OP Esports: 36 points

Group-15 Results

  • UDOG India: 96 points
  • TKM Esports: 30 points
  • RAG3 Official: 30 points
  • Long VReign: 27 points

Group-16 Results

  • SCYThe Kronos: 62 points
  • Team Insane: 58 points
  • Rivalry Esports: 36 points
  • Lagging expertsva: 30 points

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BGIS Round 3 Day 4: Match Reports and Results


BGIS Results Day 4

One of the invited teams, Skylightz gaming won the first match of Erangle. Moreover, they finished second in the 2nd game but ranked on top in overall points as they grabbed 11 kills.

DestructaX and KBP Jodd won the second and third games, respectively. All three winning teams qualified along with Mastizone gaming for the next round of BGIS.


BGIS Godlike Enigma Gaming
Match-2 results of BGIS

Godlike’s aggressive but consistent performance assured them the qualification. However, Enigma gaming won two of the three matches both on Erangle, in a dominating fashion.

The second match was won by 2OP but Godlike finished on top because of kill points. It was not a satisfying performance by GodL, but as all fans know, they don’t perform their best in the initial stages of a tournament and keep it for the final shot.


Another invited team UDOG official ran riot in their lobby as they won all their three matches. Moreover, they dominated the games in such a fashion that, the team which finished second had almost 1/3 points.

UDOG won all three matches with high kills. Moreover, TKM and RAG3 officials tied to 2nd and 3rd place with 30 points.


The first two matches of the Group 16 were won by both the invited teams. Team Insane grabbed the WWCD in the first game. Moreover, after making a horrible start in the first game, Rivalry esports won their second game.

SCY The Kronos won the last match which helped them to finish on top in the overall standings.

So, these were the results from Day 4 of BGIS Round 3. Do let us know, which match entertained you the most.

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