Best Tips and Tricks for Pokemon Go in 2021

The tips and tricks that will help you throughout Pokemon Go 2021. These tips will work on the latest updates of the game and help in further progress. Read more to know about these tips.

Tips and Tricks for Pokemon Go
Pokemon Go

Best Tips and Tricks for Pokemon Go in 2021: Pokemon Go has a huge userbase (an average of about 70 million) and people everywhere, every day are looking for some new Tips & Tricks for Pokemon Go 2021. In order to have a more flexible way to interact with the game and make the most of it these handy tips and tricks will help you out throughout the game.

Before moving further to knowing about the tips and tricks let’s discuss these tricks in brief.

All the Things you Need in Pokemon Go to Help you Get to the Top:

All of the tips and tricks that are going to be mentioned are for the latest version of Pokemon Go 2021. These tips will work 100% for your game and help you throughout.

So without further ado let’s hop on to the tips and tricks that you’ll need for easier and faster gameplay.

The Crucial Tips you’ll Need for Pokemon Go 2021

The tips given below are the ones that you have to look out for and will help you to get better Pokemons, being efficient with how you manage your Pokemons and eggs, and even your buddy! Let’s discuss these tricks in a brief.

  1. Don’t let your Buddy Pokemon Go Hungry, Gather as Many Hearts from it as you can 

Tips and Tricks for Pokemon Go
Buddy Pokemon

This is essential since the buddy Pokemon when has more hearts it’ll automatically take you a lesser distance for more candy for the Pokemon. Yes, you can earn more candies for your buddy Pokemon just by walking less! So don’t let your buddy Pokemon go hungry.

  1. Efficient Egg Incubator Usage 

Tips for Pokemon Go 2021
Tips for Pokemon Go : Egg Incubators

An important part of the game is also to manage your eggs, do not use your infinite incubators for longer-distance eggs. Instead, use the longer-distance eggs in the incubators that you get from leveling up.

  1. Maintain a Minimum of 2 Per Pokemon 

The reason for this is there are times when you need to evolve a certain Pokemon for a quest and then you don’t have the unevolved Pokemon itself. In order to have all the Pokemons, this should be ensured. If you don’t have enough space you can expand your Pokemons storage with poke coins which bring us to our next point.

  1. Pokecoins and Stardust Collection from Gyms 

Tips for Pokemon Go 2021

The pokecoins (used to expand storages of bag and pokemons, more poke balls, etc), as well as the stardust itself (used to evolve and mega evolve pokemons), hence collect them from the gym as often as you can. All you have to do is defend the gym with your strongest pokemon and you’ll get your rewards accordingly.

  1. Know the Type Advantages

Type Advantages
Type Advantages

You need to know all the type advantages/disadvantages in order to come out on top for any battle. Including gym battles, battles against friends, even during battling against legendary pokemon in the gym and with battles with Team Rocket.

  1. Stack those Eevees!

Yes, you need to catch all those eevees out there as many as you can since you need all the evolutions for eevees and their poke data. You’ll not regret doing it.

  1. Buddy Selection

You need to select your buddy discernibly in order to make the most of the distance that you’re covering. Make sure that you want the evolution of a pokemon that is either rare to find or not found in your region.

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These are the best Tips and Tricks for Pokemon Go.

  1. Get used to Curveball Throws 

This might seem absurd as it’s really hard to even throw the Pokeball straight when they’re further but practice curveball throws as much as you can since they increase your chances of catching the pokemon and will also help to catch those super hard pokemons from the missions of professor.

  1. Keep an eye on the defending pokemons in gyms 

Gym Defenders
Pokemons that can defend best

It is not always required to do so but every time your pokemon battles with another trainer it loses its hitpoints and will require to be fed to keep up the fighting. The more the CP of your pokemon the faster it will drain out.

  1. A change in Weather is Always Good

As locations affect the spawning of the pokemons weather also decides the spawning of the pokemon very often. When you have a change in weather keep a lookout for the rare pokemons.

  1. Use the Rare Berries Efficiently
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Rare berries
Golden Razz Berry and Silver Pinap Berry

The berries like Golden Razzberry, Silver Pinap berry are hard to find so don’t use them unwisely or you can exhaust them pretty soon and be in a shortage in front of a rare pokemon.

  1. Used Incense? KEEP MOVING

Whenever you’ve used incense don’t stay where you are the more you move the more pokemon spawns you’ll get. And make sure you have a good number of poke balls before using incenses. Read more to know all the Tips and Tricks for Pokemon Go.

  1. Use Necessary Potions when Required and Throw Some Away from Time to Time

The objective of this is to maintain space for TMs, pokeballs, incenses, and other essential items at the same time. One way of doing this is to battle with your friends, Team Rocket and in the gym a lot in order to exhaust the supply of your potions/revives.

  1. Keep Researching!

Research Missions
Research Missions

The bonuses that you get from Professor are quite rewarding and can help you in your journey a lot. Sometimes you may even land on rare TMs and rare pokemon as well.

  1. The Alternative Start

If you’re yet to start the game don’t choose any of the starter pokemons and keep searching around for a bit you can find your own Pikachu as a starter pokemon.

Concluding the Tips and Tricks covered for Pokemon Go 2021

These are not the only tips that you can have in-game but these are according to me the most essential ones that can help you grow faster and level up faster giving you a bit of a headstart in the game. Use these tips and you’ll cruise through easily in the game.

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