Pokemon Go Verizon Event: How to get Bonuses and Tickets?

Pokemon Go Verizon Event is all set to come. So, here is brief information about how to get your bonus and ticket in the game.

Pokemon Go Verizon Event

Once more a fun event is going to take place naming Pokemon Go Verizon Event in the game. Additionally, Niantic is partnering with Verizon and other companies for the Special Weekend event in Pokemon Go.

The Special Weekend event will be hosted from May 29th, 2021. Furthermore, it will be a complete Pokemon Go Special Weekend event exclusive for all Verizon users.

What is the Pokemon Go Verizon Event?

Pokemon Go Verizon Event
How to get Bonuses and Lucky Pokemon?

The special Pokemon Go verizon event will kick off on Saturday, 29 May at 12 AM local time and comes to a close on Sunday, 30 May at 11:59 PM local time. Furthermore, players will be able to obtain a ticket for the event through your region’s respective partner and redeem that on Niantic’s website to participate.

How you will get the ticket for Verizon Event?

  1. Download ‘MyVerizon’ App
  2. Then, Go to ‘Verizon Up Rewards,’ and click the banner for the event.
  3. The code should be waiting there for you. Copy it.
  4. Go to the “Niantic Offer Redemption” website.
  5. Further, Log in with the account that your Pokemon Go is linked to.
  6. Enter your code.
  7. You’re now ready to participate in the Pokemon Go Verizon Special Weekend!

What are the bonuses in Verozon Pokemon Go?

Bonuses will be available all around the world from Friday, May 28, at 10 AM  to Monday, May 31, 10 AM. Additionally, players who don’t have tickets will also get some bonus.

Here is a list of the bonuses you will get

  • The number of Gifts you can open daily will double.
  • The trading range will be increased to 40 km!
  • If the global Luminous Legends Y challenge is completed, all Special Weekend participants will have their bonus increased to 4x Catch XP instead of the default 2x Catch XP!

The Pokemon Go Verizon event will render many rare spawns, research events, and more timing.

  • Niantic is doubling the number of gifts you can open each day.
  • Moreover, the studio is increasing trading distance to 40 km, allowing you to trade Pokemon with other players from further away than usual.

Pokemon Go is one the most popular and most played game of 2021. Moreover, this is because they also develop these kinds of special events that excite the audience.

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