Best Minecraft Texture Packs of Bedrock Edition 2022

Minecraft texture pack
19/11/2022/Players can utilize the Minecraft texture packs/Credits: Guptesh Gaming YouTube.

The many Minecraft texture packs available for all versions of the game reflect the fact that Minecraft is a game of creation and modification. These packs have a variety of looks, from high-quality photo realism to vintage pixelated aesthetics. Many texture packs can be tried until the player finds one they like. The best texture pack for a gamer depends on their preferences and hardware limitations. 

Now that the first few months of 2022 are over, many players will be looking at some of the best texture pack options. Listed below are the most popular texture packs for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition 2022 which players can download and use anytime. 

Soft and Simple Texture

Soft n’ Simple has a very colorful collection of textures, but it doesn’t significantly change the appearance of in-game textures; rather, it gives them a richly colored and rounded appearance.

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The Ashlands is a great option for Bedrock players who enjoy post-apocalyptic survival. Although this pack is officially a resource pack, it has significant texture changes to match the feel of a dry, lifeless, and lonely world. 

The water appears to be somewhat clean, but the world flora on this parcel is clearly unhealthy. Whatever the disaster on Ashlands Island, fans of post-apocalyptic survival will be right at home in this desolate wasteland. Minecraft’s graphics are appropriate for its time, and some players like the game’s unique look and feel. However, if it is possible, having a face is useful. 


This is the Nostalgia RTX pack currently in beta. If players haven’t already downloaded ray tracing from Mojang’s official website, Nostalgia RTX uses RTX technology to add AI ray tracing to blocks using heightmaps and textures from previous iterations. 

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A game PBR often referred to as physics-based rendering, is used to reproduce realistic lighting effects in the package. Natural light illuminates itself across the blocks much more comprehensively and realistically when RTX and PBR are combined. Nostalgia RTX uses vintage Minecraft textures that create a great visual experience, despite not achieving many texture improvements. 

Call of the Wild

The Call of the Wild is an amazing texture pack that can be called “Vanilla“, although it is still in development. It adds versatility and style to the game’s original textures. But it doesn’t just increase texture resolution, as several blocks have been modified for better geometry. Thorns and flowers can be seen, for example, in the film Chorus Trees in the End. Ores also light up in a way that makes it easier to play, making them significantly more visible even in low light. 

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Since Bedrock Edition and Pocket Edition share the same codebase and customizing this package for Bedrock was incredibly easy. This pack was originally intended for a Pocket Edition.

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