Best Gaming Phone USA 2022: Complete List

Best Gaming Phone USA
Best Gaming Phones in the USA

Gaming on smartphones has been around for a long time since we first fired our Nokia 3310s to play hours of Snake before our iPhones got stuffed full of endless hours of Candy Crush Saga. However, smartphones are increasingly becoming an acceptable gaming device alongside consoles at home, and they are among the top gaming equipment you can purchase. The latest Apple or Samsung phones can handle extremely demanding games on mobile. However, the gaming industry is so in demand that there are even dedicated gaming phones such as the Asus ROG Phone 5, Black Shark 4 Pro, and Red Magic 7.

We have added some underrated phones in this article that can also provide an excellent gaming experience. However, an internet connection remains a vital factor with any phone for smooth gaming. Check your internet provider and get a gaming package for a glitch-free experience such as the one provided by CenturyLink, all at affordable prices. Without any further delay, let us get into the best gaming phone USA.

 Best Gaming Phone USA: 4 Best Smartphones

Asus ROG Phone 5

The Asus ROG Phone 5 is a vital gaming phone. It may not have the masse appeal, but it does have a large gaming-inspired design. Gaming is the primary focus, and Asus has taken it to the next level with an AMOLED screen that can run at 144Hz with two 3,000mAh batteries with the highest capacity Snapdragon 888 with 16GB RAM. It’s capable of handling almost every game available on Android today and has enough power left to ensure that the phone is future-proofed for a long time and at a lower cost than flagships with big names. Gaming experience enhanced with haptic triggers integrated directly into the ROG Phone 5.

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They’re not specifically gaming-related; however, the cameras are good, that’s unusual for a gaming device phone. We can complain about the weight and size with a weight of 10.3mm wide and 238g. However, it does not apply to the gaming world.

Black Shark 4 Pro

The Black Shark 4 Pro is an intriguing option since it was first announced in March 2021, but it didn’t receive an international launch until 2022. This means that its specifications include the Snapdragon 8/12GB and 888 RAM. Although it cannot beat other gaming phones on tests, its overall performance is excellent because of the 6.67 AMOLED display. A sophisticated cooling system, and, more importantly, pop-up-triggered triggers.

In contrast to the triggers that are based on the touch of the Red Magic 7 and the Black Shark 4 Pro has magnetic triggers that pop out on the back of the device to provide the traditional experience of a controller, which makes for a fantastic gaming experience that is portable without the need for other accessories. Although it has a battery of 4,500mAh and a 120W fast charging technology can charge zero to 90 percent in just 15 minutes. In addition, unlike other competitors, it has a 120W fast charger inside the box. (parentishealth.com)

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iPhone 13 Pro Max

If you want to play games with iOS, the iPhone 13 Pro Max is the best choice. The Apple 5nm Bionic is among the strongest chipsets available on the market and can handle almost everything you throw at it with no trace of lag or stutter. Our benchmarks confirm this too. It is significant to know that the iPhone 13 Pro Max sports a stunning Super Retina XDR display that ensures that games look stunning on the iPhone, whether they’re free-to-play games or the latest Apple Arcade exclusives. It also has 1TB of storage space available, which means you can keep the entire library of games on your phone. The battery life is among the longest of any iPhone for extended playing sessions.

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Xiaomi Poco X3

The Xiaomi Poco X3 Pro might not be a dedicated gaming device. It has taken the popularity of the successful Poco X3 NFC to deliver rapid performance without the cost. The main highlight is the Snapdragon 860 processor, a remarkable feat considering the price and the price of the X3 Pro. Xiaomi Poco comes with 6 and 8GB of RAM and up-to-256 GB of internal storage. The 6.67in LCD has an enhanced 120Hz refresh rate as well as a 240Hz rate for touch response.

The battery’s 5160mAh capacity is enough to keep you going through a long gaming session and although the 33 watts wired charging isn’t the most efficient, it’s pretty fast. The Poco X3 Pro might not be as powerful as the other dedicated gaming options on our list; however, it provides the most value for money compared with similarly priced smartphones currently available.


Hopefully, now you know some details about some of the best gaming phone USA. Select which better suits your gaming needs and play without any lagging! They will keep you engaged for hours.

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