Which Is The Best Character After OB31 Update In Free Fire?

Best characters After OB31 Update
Best characters After OB31 Update

According to the Free Fire advanced server, the most used character i.e. Chrono character has been nerfed in Free Fire OB31 update. Moreover, the main character’s ability that players were able to fire from inside the shield has been removed. So, it will not remain the same overpowered after the upcoming OB31 update. So, let us discuss the best characters after the update in Free Fire.

Best Character After OB31 Update

Some of the other Free Fire character abilities have been changed. Besides, some of the underused characters are buffed, while some of the most used character abilities are nerfed in the OB31 update. Moreover, players can use character skills combination of one active skill and three passive character skills.

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Best Active Skill Character After OB31 Update

The given below are the best characters after the OB31 update that can replace the Chrono character ability in Free Fire.

  •   Wukong

The Wukong character got a buff in the recent OB27 update. However, the ability of the Wukong character is unchanged in the Free Fire OB31 update. this character is somehow similar to the Chrono ability. This character also features active skills so, it can be used to replace the Chrono character.

The Wukong’s ability name is Camouflage, it transforms the player into a bush when the skill is activated. The bush protects the player from default aim in the battleground and players can also move with the bush shield. Also, players don’t need to wait for the cooldown time to use the ability again as the ability restores after every kill.

  • Alok

The Dj Alok is one of the most popular in Free Fire. Before the arrival of the Chrono character in Free Fire, it was the most used character. It is also an active skilled character that can replace the Chrono character’s ability after the OB31 update.

The Dj Alok provides 5 HP every second till ten seconds when the skill is activated. The teammates under the 5m range will also get 5 HP until the skill is activated. Also, until the skill is activated, the player gains an extra 15% agility. This ability can be to rush on the enemy and to keep healing while the fight after OB31 update.

  • Skyler

The Skyler character is also an active skilled character with the ability name Riptide Rhythm. The character ability of Skyler is unchanged and it is mostly used in the Clash Squad mode. It can one of the perfect ability for the rushers in the game after the OB31 update.

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The Skyler character unleashes a sonic wave that can burst 4-5 gloo walls in a single direction. The range of the sonic wave increases with the character level. Also, the player gets healed when they use the gloo walls. So, players can try this character for replacing the Chrono character after the OB31 update.

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