Free Fire New Weapon MAC10 And Armor Attachments In OB31 Update

Free Fire New Weapon MAC10 And New Armor Attachments
Free Fire New Weapon MAC10 And New Armor Attachments

Free Fire features OB updates after every two months, the Free Fire New OB31 update will go live on 30 November 2021. The main motive of such an update is to introduce new features in the game and to fix the glitches. Besides, Free Fire officials posted an update regarding the launch of the new weapon MAC10 and the new Armor attachments in the Free Fire OB31 update. So, in this article, we will discuss the upcoming features in the game after the OB31 update.

Free Fire introduces a new weapon after every OB update. In the previous update i.e. OB30 update Treatment Sniper was added to the game. In the upcoming OB31 update, a new short-range weapon with the name MAC10 will be available in the Clash Squad mode. Also, new Armor attachments will be added to the game to enhance the Armor’s durability.

Free Fire New Weapon MAC10 

The new weapon MAC10 has a pre-attached silencer like the VSS gun in Free Fire. Even so, the in-built silencer only works when the players shoot from a long distance. The firing mark is shown to the enemy when players shoot from short range. Besides, this gun works very well in the short-range.

The attachments like foregrip, magazine, and scope can be attached to this gun to increase its stability. The Headshot damage of this gun is 132, while the Bodyshot damage and Legshot damage are 24 and 18 respectively. The rate of fire of this MAC10 weapon is 0.09.

New Armor Attachments And Clash Squad Adjustments In Free Fire

The new Armor attachment Vest Enlarger and Helmet Thickener will be introduced to the game along with the new weapon. The Vest Enlarger helps to reduce the damage by 25% on the limbs. However, the Helmet Thickener helps to reduce the damage from the Headshots by 36%. Besides, the Helmet thickener was introduced in the OB30 update but it is not working yet.

Also, the backpack capacity limit will be introduced in the Clash Squad mode, so that players can carry only two grenades in the same round. Even so, players can request the desirable items from their teammates in the Clash Squad mode. This backpack limit is introduced because grenades have become one of the most used weapons in Free Fire.

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