And This Treasure Goes To Genshin Impact

And this treasure goes to Genshin Impact is a World Quest that you'll be able to unlock following our guide here. Find out how to complete the Quest and about its location over here.

Genshin Impact
Genshin Impact

And this treasure goes to Genshin Impact: Genshin Impact being a very diverse game and always amazing us. And the treasure goes to is another one of the mysterious World Quests that Genshin Impact has. Know how to unlock ‘And this Treasure goes to‘ and the location of it over here.

Introduction to And this Treasure Goes to Genshin Impact:

A typical World Quest from Genshin Impact will give you the rewards to complete it. You will also get 300 Adventure Exp, 10,000 Mora, 40 Primogems, and 2 Hero’s Wit. These rewards are still lower for a World Quest but they aren’t nothing after all.

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In order to activate the quest, you’ll have to visit the Lingju Pass, Liyue. Lingju Pass is located on the West of Liyue. As usual, these World Quests are bound to relate with the Treasure Hoarders so you’ll have to face a bunch of them.

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How to Complete the World Quest?

And the treasure goes to Genshin Impact
Lingju Pass Genshin Impact

To begin with the quest, you’ll have to go to the dead center of the lake in Lingju Pass. You can visit the Lingju Pass via the nearest teleport waypoint and head west from there. On the westernmost part of the lake. Over the last bridge, you will find some Treasure Hoarders. This is the and this treasure goes to Genshin Impact location.

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This is also where you’ll have to free Alrani for the quest to proceed. To free Alrani you’ll have to collect the Treasure Hoarder’s Key. This spawns after you’re done with the treasure hoarders. After this, free Alrani from the cage using the key you got. After she hands you the treasure head back to Liyue.

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What to do with the treasure Alrani offers?

Go to the Liyue Harbor. Use the time changer to adjust your time between 10:30 pm and 6 am. Between this time you’ll find LinLang in the Xigu Antiques of Liyue Harbor. Once you talk to her you’ll be rewarded with the before-mentioned rewards for And this Treasure Goes to Genshin Impact World Quest.

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