Everything you Need to Know about Accolade XP Fortnite

Accolade XP Fortnite
15-09-2022 | Accolade XP Fortnite | Source: KingAlexHD YouTube Channel

Accolade XP in Fortnite is the XP that a player earns by performing straightforward errands in a match. This, mostly, includes essential things like opening chests, finding new milestones, and varied relatable tasks. In the initial periods of Chapter 3 Season 3, Epic Games multiplied the rate at which Accolade XP is allocated.

This change came after the Fortnite people’s backlash against the defective XP grant framework. With the appearance of Season 3, players immediately understood that stepping up in the game turned out to be considerably more diligent and required serious grinding, which was not welcomed by the player base.

Luckily, the designers resolved this issue by multiplying the honor pace of Accolade XP accordingly. For the whole of Season 3, players have been getting a charge out of double Accolade XP. While it isn’t seen a lot, the extra XP has positively boosted players somewhat.

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Fortnite Players Presently Gain Two times the Accolade XP

Players should take note that the progressions made to the Accolade XP reward framework don’t consider the Challenge XP reward framework. The last option has kept on following similar measurements as in the past, with players being granted a related measure of Challenge XP as in past seasons. There is a scarce difference between Accolade XP and Challenge XP, and players should know which activity gives which XP.

Whenever players complete a Fortnite challenge, they are compensated with Challenge XP. Finishing difficulties incorporates performing tasks listed in the Seasonal Weekly Quests, Vibin’ Quests, Daily Quests, and other comparative quests. Some other tasks of a quiz like nature fall under Accolade XP.

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It is conceivable that players could get missions where both XP reward frameworks cross over. For instance, a test that expects players to open 5 distinct chests in a named area may be associated with Accolade XP. For this situation, players will be granted twofold Accolade XP Fortnite and the typical measure of Challenge XP.

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