The Nintendo Fortnite Challenges: Free Kurama Glider

the nintendo fortnite (Free Kurama Glider)
The Nintendo Fortnite

Nintendo Fortnite Challenges: Players can get the Kurama Glider as well as the Naruto Loading Screen for free in Fortnite. The normal price of this glider and loading screen in the Fortnite Battle Royale item shop is 1,200 V-Bucks. Fortnite is giving amazing chances to its players to get it for free.

It is not included in any of the Naruto Bundles for some reason so it is sold separately in the Fortnite item shop. However, as mentioned Fortnite is giving players a chance to get it for free.

The Nintendo Fortnite Challenges:

So, first of all, this is like another one of those community battles in Fortnite but it is a lot easier because you can basically do it on your own. To complete the challenges players will need to go to visit the Nindo website.

On the website interface, players will see The Nindo Play Fortnite And Earn Awesome Rewards. You will need to follow three steps there on the website that are mentioned there:

Step-1: Log In

Step-2: Play Fortnite

Step-3: Earn The Rewards

So super easy steps right? Now obviously firstly you will click on login and put all the details of your epic games account and then your password. Once you log in there next you will see Welcome and Let’s Go pop up on your screen.

Then on the next screen, you will see “Participate each day for the opportunity to earn rewards of the day”. Today’s challenge is the Naruto task which asks you to get one point for each elimination in the game. The milestone of the day is 35 points. This means that you will need to achieve this milestone in order to get the Kurama Glider for free.

Nintendo Free Fortnite Rewards:

the nintendo fortnite
The Nintendo Fortnite

Today’s reward is the Naruto Emoticon which you can get by getting one elimination in Solos, Duos, Trios, or Squad Mode in Fortnite. So basically one elimination will get you the Naruto Emoticon and 35 eliminations will get you Kurama Glider and loading screen for free. Again the worth of this glider and loading screen is 1,200 V-Bucks in Fortnite Item Shop.

Remember that players have only a limited amount of time to complete this challenge. The good part is that there are five different days for which this challenge will continue but there will be different milestones for each day. So today’s milestone is a bit hard but maybe we find some easy milestones in the upcoming days.

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