A Deep Dive into Side Hustles in Gaming

A Deep Dive into Side Hustles
18/04/2023/ A Deep Dive into Side Hustles / Image via moroesports

If you’re looking for a way to earn extra money outside of your full-time job or are grappling with the idea of a new career, a side hustle is the logical step in that direction. The best side hustle correlates with your interests, talents, and professional goals.  Apart from earning money, choosing the right side hustle will also help you progress by gaining insight into it, mainly if it’s a departure from your established career path. 

Three significant reasons tempt people to take the plunge into setting up a side hustle:

  • Greater disposable income.
  • Shoring up resources for everyday expenses.
  • For keeping some money as a nest egg.

Once you sort out your objective for getting into a side endeavor, consider the avenue you wish to embark on to meet your cherished goal of having a side income. 

Entrepreneur has a great list of side hustles for the less socially inclined. They are also well suited to those who mingle easily with people. Some of the more lucrative means of generating said additional income would be:

Start A Podcast:

Providing content with educational and entertainment value is a tremendous opportunity for a side hustle. One can leverage this content by starting a podcast and sharing your knowledge with the world. Growing your listener base is necessary for generating adequate revenue. Marketing yourself on social media and generating quality content are two ways a podcaster can achieve this.     

Podcasters can even feature ads or engage in affiliate marketing to generate revenue.  And getting started is easy, as plenty of podcast applications are free.

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Play Prediction-Based Games:

Trying your hand at prediction-based games requires a fair dose of luck combined with intuition and, at the very least, rudimentary knowledge to have a chance at winning. These games allow you to predict and earn by putting to the test your knowledge of world affairs, mainly in the sports category. 

All you need to do is brush up on it, and you will be making real cash prizes in no time.

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Event Planner:

If you love mingling with people, a side hustle as an event planner will fit you like a glove. Both large-scale events and intimate occasions always need an event planner’s finesse. You will have the opportunity to meet clients and coordinate with contractors to make sure the event is a success. A job well done means you may even get referrals and drum up business through word-of-mouth publicity. 

Dog Walker:

If you love long walks amid fresh air and spending time with people’s furry companions, then you are in for a treat. However, dog walking as a side hustle may not be the walk in the park you expect. It is a business like any other, and along with communicating with your clients, some basic knowledge of animal first aid and animal behavior will be a great help.

After all, dog owners are handing over to animals that have become virtually family. 

Become A Personal Trainer:

With health awareness on the rise, people are looking to set and meet fitness goals. They may lack time or inclination to head out to the well-known fitness club in the neighborhood. As a personal trainer, this is where you come into the picture. You can help them meet their fitness goals in the comfort of their homes. 

But since it’s a niche dealing with the human body, requisite knowledge, and certifications will spur your credibility and gain you a long list of clients. 

Benefits Of A Side Hustle

As a flexible work model, it offers many benefits to those pursuing it. Some of these would be:

Provides For A Sense Of Control:

Any individual pursuing a side hustle will vouch for its twin advantages of greater freedom in decision-making and control over the direction it takes. While having a typical day job stems from necessity, the one at the side is a great way to flex your creative muscles and revel in the awareness that you are free to work as much or as little as you need.  

Stepping Stone To Entrepreneurship:

Should you ever choose to go it alone and look at walking the path to full-scale entrepreneurship, you may use a side hustle to test the waters. Being an entrepreneur calls for a lot of solo decision-making and multi-tasking skills. Being solely responsible for the fallout of every decision, whether good or bad, is a huge responsibility to shoulder.

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Side hustles are a stepping stone to going it alone, as both have similar responsibilities but on a much smaller scale.  

Pick Up A New Skill:

When getting into a side hustle, consider diversifying into a new industry. In this way, not only will you pick up a new skill, you will learn to handle other facets,  the opportunity for which is absent in your day job. Being a solopreneur would mean narrowing down on clients, negotiating with them, and keeping them in good humor while delivering the requisite results. 

These skills will be picked up irrespective of whether you branch out into a new stream or not. 

The primary magnet that makes people consider turning to side hustles is that they’re generally easy to start.  Though setting up a side hustle is easy, sustaining it requires effort, even if minimal.  

Getting out of your comfort zone will help unleash your potential as you explore options outside of your full-time job.  Even if your chosen side hustle hasn’t turned out as expected, there is no cause to brood. You can try out plenty of options until you find the one that fits. So, here’s to happy hustling!

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