Top 5 Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) Highest Earning Teams

Top 5 Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) Earning Teams
12/01/2023/ Top 5 Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) Earning Teams

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) had a successful first half of 2022 in the nation, hosting both official and unofficial competitions. On July 28, the game was, however, restricted in India, which caused the game’s esports scene to stall.

When the game was restricted by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY), the BGMI scene was at its height and had a healthy readership. Many teams and organizations won numerous tournaments and received substantial monetary payouts prior to the ban.

Top 5 BGMI Highest Earning Teams in 2022

5. TSM (₹65.10 Lakh)

This year, TSM’s Battlegrounds Mobile India team did superbly. The team, which includes superstars NinjaJOD and AquaNox, won many competitions, bringing their total financial wins to an astounding $78,825. (INR 65.1 lakhs). In the first BGIS season, which concluded in January of the current year, the team came in second.

Top performances from TSM in 2022

  • ($33,589) BGIS 2021: Runner-up
  • Champion ($2664) OR Championship
  • Runner-up at the 7SEA Invitational ($4000)
  • Champion of the Nodwin All Stars Invitational ($32,674)

The team won many independent competitions before winning the Nodwin All Stars Invitational. The group prospered under Shadow’s direction, exhibiting their incredible gun skills and personalities. He did, however, leave the team in June 2022.

4. GodLike Esports (₹70 Lakh)

GodLike Esports made almost $70 Lakh ($84,790) overall this year. The team led by ClutchGod got off to a hot start in the Battlegrounds Mobile India Series (BGIS) 2021 after a sluggish start to the season in 2022. The team then competed for India in the PMGC 2021 Finals, where they had an average performance and placed thirteenth.

Top performances from GodLike Esports in 2022

  • Fourth BGIS 2021 ($4000)
  • 13th in the PMGC 2021 Finals ($57,00)
  • Runner-up in the TEC Invitational S3 ($2000)
  • Runner-up in the Masters Series ($18,808)

They eventually achieved success in the BGMI Masters series, when they placed second, after a string of unimpressive results. the team added Shadow to their roster as an IGL this season, however to many people’s surprise, they did not make it to the BGMI Pro Series: 2022 Season 1.

3. 7SEA Esports (₹70.7 Lakh)

Highs and lows characterize 7SEA Esports’ 2022 performance. After a streak of respectable showings across several competitions, the team added a total of 70.7 Lakh ($85,614) to their prize money. The team’s season got off to a respectable start as they placed sixth in the BGIS Grand Finals. The squad, however, had a slump and did poorly in several competitions.

Top performances from 7SEA in 2022

  • BGMI Showdown – Champion ($6317)
  • PMWI 2022 Afterparty – Ninth ($71,000)

But in the Showdown, where they won and qualified for the mid-season invitational PMWI 2022 After Party Showdown, the roster found its form. The team did well there and came in eighth overall. IGL Prince, a seasoned player, and the skilled fraggers SprayGod and Sarang were among 7SEA Esports’ experienced players. Aladin served as the group’s supporter.

2. Skylightz Gaming (₹70.7 Lakh)

The BGMI roster of Skylightz Gaming had a successful year in 2022, quieting their detractors. The squad won BGIS 2021 to kick off the season under the direction of Saumraj and the proficient gun skills of Gamlaboy and Pukar.

Top performances from Skylightz Gaming in 2022

  • Champion for BGIS 2021 ($67,178)
  • Third in the Skyesports Grand Slam ($2000)
  • Third in the Villager Winter Masters ($2000)
  • Fifth Place, Loco All Stars Invitational ($1437)
  • Fifth Masters Series ($12,228)
  • Fourth in the BGMI Showdown ($947)

The squad maintained consistency throughout, placing in the top five in significant events after a string of podium results in independent competitions. The team’s season came to a successful conclusion by placing fourth in the Showdown 2022. The BGMI roster of the organization was recently dissolved.

1.Team SouL (₹1.45 Crore)

This year, Team SouL dominated the Indian circuit, having a fantastic run. The team was the highest-earning BGMI team this year with prize money of 1.45 crores ($176,613). Following a poor performance in the BGIS 2021, the squad updated its roster and welcomed new players. The squad started off slowly but eventually placed in several third-party competitions, occasionally taking first place.

Top performances from Team SouL in 2022

  • Pro Warrior Cup S1 – Champion ($2645)
  • Skyesports Grand Slam – Runner-up ($4000)
  • OR Championship – Runner-up ($1332)
  • Pro Warrior Cup Conquest Round – Champion ($4000)
  • BGMI Pro Series – Champion ($96,258)
  • PMWI 2022 Main Event – 11th ($58,500)

The team breezed into the BMPS 2022 after having tremendous success in the BMOC. They showed superiority under Omega’s direction and with the help of Goblin, their star player, who had powerful weapons. The team’s other two members, Hector and Akshat, were as important to their achievement in winning the BMPS 2022 trophy and qualifying for the PMWI 2022, where they represented India.

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