PMGC 2022 Viewership Result

PMGC 2022 Viewership Result
22/12/2022/ PMGC 2022 Viewership Result / Credits- PUBG Mobile Official

The PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2022 has reached its last and most critical stage. When the tournament began, there were fifty of the top teams in the world; currently, there are just sixteen. To qualify for the Grand Final, these sides played many games, with some needing to go through three stages.

The majority of the favoured teams qualified for the final stage of the event, with defending champions Nova Esports still fighting to reclaim their crown. The majority of teams who qualified for the Grand Finals are Asian teams, as was to be expected. Only five of the sixteen teams are from outside of APAC. Three of these teams are from Brazil and have performed admirably in the competition thus far. Making Brazilian supporters think that they can win the World Cup.

Surprisingly, two of the three Turkish teams who participated in the event made it to the championship game. Unfortunately for European fans, their teams did not fare as well, with no European squad making it to that round. LGD is undoubtedly the greatest letdown of the event. The Chinese squad, which finished third in the Peacekeeper Elite League Summer 2022, did not perform to expectations, particularly in the Final Stage. It was the only Chinese team that did not advance to the Grand Finals.

PMGC 2022 viewership statistics

The PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2022 viewership has remained consistent. The event began well and has continued to pique the interest of thousands of people on a regular basis. The tournament has so far had a peak viewing of 524K, which occurred on the final day of the Last Change stage. Many spectators have also turned in on a regular basis to watch the bouts. The event had 251K average viewers. Both numbers will almost certainly rise as the competition enters its most critical stage.

The competition was seen for a total of 20.9 million hours, with the bulk of viewers coming from Indonesia and other Asian nations such as Malaysia and Nepal. The event’s most popular language is Indonesian. It has two of the competition’s three most viewed and popular networks. 241K PV, who gathered on December 4 to see the Last Change stage, was the result of all the Indonesian broadcasts put together.

There are also a lot of people watching the English broadcast. As of now, the broadcast high audience is 155K, which was attained on the first day of the tournament. The English Facebook stream is the event’s second most popular, as it is where the majority of English-speaking spectators watch the games.

As previously said, Turkish teams have performed admirably thus far, surprise both spectators and observers. But it’s not only the teams that are performing well; Turkish is the sixth most popular language at the tournament. It outperforms languages like Thai and Arabic. The excellent team efforts played a significant influence in this accomplishment.

One oddity is that despite Spanish being the second-most watched language of the event on YouTube, it is not even among the top ten. The Spanish language has 18K Peak Viewers thus far.

The platforms of choice for viewers are YouTube and Facebook. In the PV metric, both platforms scored highly. YouTube has 305K PV, while Facebook comes in second with 284K PV. TikTok rounds out the podium with 32K Peak Viewers, considerably short of the viewership attained by the top two platforms.

The 2022 PUBG Mobile Global Championship has had a lot of success thus far. The viewership has remained consistent, and it is expected to increase in the Grand Finals. Asian fans continue to dominate the event viewership, particularly Indonesian viewers, who are at the core of this competition.

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