How to change Minecraft Username in 2023?

How to change Minecraft Username in 2023?
18/12/2022 | How to change Minecraft Username in 2023? | Credits: Minecraft

Online games are pretty fun and exciting because you get to play with others. Sometimes you even meet new people and make friends. In this entire thing, the one thing which everyone observes is the username of the player. If you play with someone else you will remember others with their username and the same goes for people who meet you in-game.

Similarly in Minecraft players uses various unique and cool username. But there are some players who just select any username at first and then panic to change their usernames. So worry not if you are one of those players this article will help you understand how you can change your username.

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How to Change Username in Minecraft?

A username in Minecraft is important for players as it represents them to others. But for some reason players consider changing the username. Maybe to choose a more cool and badass username or just to have a decent name. Whatever the case is follow the steps mentioned below and you will be able to change the username in Minecraft with ease. So the steps to change your Minecraft username are

Step by Step Process to Change Name

Step-1: The very first step which you need to follow to change your username in Minecraft is to visit account.mojang.com and login into your account. To login into your account, you just need to use the email and the password which you used to create your Mojang account before.

Step-2: Once you logged in to your Mojang account you will find an option as β€œChange” near your current username.

Step-3: After that just click on the option saying β€œChange” and you will get an option to write a new profile name. Just write the name you want to choose and check availability.

Step-4: Now if the username that you have selected hasn’t been used by someone before you will be able to keep that username. Next, you need to enter your password, and last just click on β€œChange name” and it is done.

Things You Should Know While Changing Your Username in Minecraft!

The procedure to change the username in Minecraft is pretty easy and simple using a Mojang account. But once you have changed your username you need to know that you cannot change your username for the next 30 days.

After 30 days you can again change your username by following the same procedure but not before the 30 days after changing your Minecraft username. So keep this in mind while changing your username in Minecraft or when you think about changing your username in Minecraft.

This is all you need to know about the Minecraft name changing process and related information. If you want to read more articles on Minecraft then make sure to check out our Minecraft section. Here you will get lot’s of articles on Minecraft Guides, tutorials, news, and many more updates.

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