What Are All The Villager Jobs in Minecraft?

Have you ever wondered what are all the jobs that villagers do in Minecraft? In our complete guide we'll tell you about all of them.

all villager jobs in minecraft

    23/10/2022 | All of the villager jobs in Minecraft with all their details | Credits: Minecraft fandom wiki

Minecraft is coming up with so many new things at the same time, it’s as if the game has really become alive. All after the live stream from Minecraft for the update. We’ve seen the villagers in the game for a while now. But do you know about all the Villager Jobs in Minecraft? If not, you can find them all below.

Who are Villagers in Minecraft?

Minecraft Villagers are passive hordes that live in settlements, pursue their livelihoods, procreate, and socialise. Depending on their profession and biome, they wear different clothing. They will conduct business with players in exchange for emeralds. However, if a player has an emerald or another item that a villager is willing to trade for, that item will appear in that player’s hands as that player holds it, alternating between things if the villager is willing to trade for more than one item. Things might change with the new update of Minecraft.

How is a Villager’s Job Assigned to Them?

It is pretty much obvious that you can find villagers in villages themselves. You can find them in such as deserts, plains, savannas, snowy plains, snowy taigas, taigas, and snowy taigas. As any village spawns unemployed villagers spawn with them. Whichever job they’re near to will be assigned to them. For instance if the villager is near a composter, he’s highly likely to become a farmer and so on.

But only a fix quantity of utilities are spawned within a village. Hence, some of the villagers are also unemployed. But if you place a job site block near an unemployed villager they’ll take the job for that particular utility. If you want to make your own Villager now you can do it on Minecraft Blockbench.

What Are All The Villager Jobs in Minecraft?

minecraft villager jobs
23/10/2022 | Minecraft villagers depicted above | Credits: Minecraft.net

We’ll distribute the villager jobs according to their job site blocks and profession. They’ll be in the following format Profession, job description, job site block.

  • Armorer (to trade armor, iron, bell, chain), Blast Furnace,
  • Butcher (to cook meat), Smoker
  • Cartographer (to get ocean/woodland maps, frames and banners), Cartography table
  • Cleric (to trade enchanted potions, ender pearls, redstone), Brewing Stand
  • Farmer (to give food items), Composter
  • Fisherman (to give campfire, fishing rod, seafood), Barrel
  • Fletcher (to trade enchanted bows, crossbows), Fletching table
  • Leather Worker (to provide leather or horse Armor), Cauldron
  • Librarian (to offer clock, compass, enchanted books, name tags), Lectern
  • Mason (to trade bricks, stone blocks, terracotta), Stonecutter
  • Nitwit (Nil), None
  • Shepherd (to offer decorative items like carpets, painting, wool), Look
  • Toolsmith (to trade hoe, pickaxe, shovel), Smithing table
  • Unemployed (to take up any job near them), Any place
  • Weaponsmith (to offer bell, enchanted weapons like axes and swords and minerals)

These are all the villager jobs in Minecraft as of now. If Minecraft adds any more villager jobs we’ll let you know for sure.

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