Fortnite New Feel The Flow Emote in Item Shop Today

Fortnite just released another new icon series emote in the Item Shop today. Find out all the details about the Feel the Flow emote here.

fortnite feel the emote
15/10/2022 | Fortnite releases the Feel the Flow emote in Item Shop today | Credits: Epic Games

Fortnite is on fire with its current releases of new items. Fortnitemates is on its way and a lot more stuff happening in Chapter 3 Season 4. And with that we have another new Icon Series Emote – Feel the Flow in Fortnite Item Shop today (Oct 15, 2022). Check out our guide here to know everything about it.

Who is Behind The Song of Feel The Flow in Fortnite?

The real song is from Dixson Waz, Lil Pump Toco Toco To remix. If you search for the exact same phrase on YouTube you can find the original song’s remix. According to Fortnite the dance in the emote is fine by papikunno:


@Papikunno is a famous Instagram Influencer and you can find him there. Fortnite took his dancing moves to show their immense support to the LGBTQ+ community. Dixson released his first version of the song on YouTube over 3 years ago and currently, it has over 60 million views. And hence the attraction from Fortnite creators to add it in the emote. About 6 months ago, he released the remix of Toco Toco To with Lil pump. The song’s video has gone viral with 500k views and gaining even more traction.

New Feel The Flow Emote in Fortnite Item Shop Today:

feel the flow icon series emote in fortnite
15/10/2022 | New Icon Series emote in Fortnite | Credits: Epic Games

Another Icon Series emote after the very recent Pump Me Up in Fortnite. The Feel The Flow Emote is now available in Fortnite. It’s currently the top 5 of the most trending emotes in Fortnite. Making its first appearance in Chapter 3 Season 4.

You can find Fortnite’s official trailer of the emote below:


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And that is all about the new Feel The Flow icon series emote in Fortnite. You can buy it for 500 V-bucks today from the Fortnite Item Shop.

Upcoming Skins And Releases in Fortnite:

Black Adam will also be making an appearance in the game very soon. During the launch of his movie, The Rock was actually rumored to be in Fortnite before. And this makes things a bit more confusing. Who is The Foundation then? With Fortnitemates coming up we also saw the two new skins of Undying Sorrow and Sinister Glare. We are also halfway through the season and the new emotes are being released like crazy.

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