Everything you need to know about Fortnite x Nike Airphoria event

The Fortnite X Nike Airphoria event has presented players with some great cosmetics and a great Creative quest.

Fortnite x Nike Airphoria
Airphoria Loading Screen (image via. Fortnite)

Fortnite x Nike has been unveiled in the game, and a new Creative Island has been released, along with several great cosmetics. The event has been dubbed Airphoria, and has released a variety of cosmetics in the Fortnite Store.

Fortnite and Nike have collaborated once again, releasing a new creative island with a new series of quests. Players will need to find the lost sneakers and return them to the vault in order to unlock the Air Max Sneaker. This event will start off from 28th June 2023, so players can look forward to that. You can find

Fortnite x Nike Airphoria: All Cosmetics listed

YouTube: Perfect Score

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Players can find the Nike Air Max cosmetics in the Store, which became available from 20 June 2023. You can find two new Nike themed character skins namely Airie Outfit and Maxxed Out Max outfit who are the official mascots for the event.

The cosmetics available in the Nike Air Max store are:

Airphoria Pack: 1800 V-Bucks

  • Airie Outfit (Reactive)
  • Maxx Stacks Back Bling (Reactive)
  • Maxxed Out Outfit
  • Pure Sole Boombox Back Bling

Airphoria Gear Bundle: 1300 V-Bucks

  • Maxx Axe Pickaxe
  • That Ice Pickaxe
  • Maxx Drop Glider
  • Keep ‘Em Crispy Emote
  • Air Wave Emoticon
  • Airphoria Loading Screen
  • Maxx Volume Spray

You can also buy the Pickaxes, Glider, and Emote separately. Maxx Axe and That Ice Pickaxe can be obtained for 800 V-Buck each, Maxx Drop Glider for 800 V-Bucks and Keep ‘Em Crispy Emote for 200 V-Bucks.

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Players can also experience the Ultimate Sneaker Hunt on Epic’s Creator Islands. The Island Code is 2118-5342-7190 and a squad of 4 playersΒ  can join in from 28th June 2023.

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