Best Decks to Win Mega Deck Challenge in Clash Royale

Mega Deck Challenge
11/10/2022 | Clash Royale is a card-based game developed and published by Supercell. The new event Mega Deck Challenge is here and we got the perfect decks ready. | Credits: Twitter

The new season of Clash Royale went stay the legit closing week, and right here we are with the 2nd undertaking of the new season, which tasks you with constructing a mega deck for your battles containing 18 card slots alternatively of the normal eight slots.

While the Mega Deck mission will permit you to have a large variety of playing cards in your deck, there is a giant drawback to this method, which is the time that it takes to get your used card back. In an 8-slot deck, you can get your used card lower back lots faster than that it takes in an 18-slot deck. As a result, one of the most essential recommendations for constructing a mega deck is to have two editions of a single functionality.

For example, if you choose to keep away from Goblin Barrel from hitting you hard, you want to take each The Log and Barbarian Barrel, and even a 3rd alternative like Zap to come upon efficaciously with an unsafe troop like Goblin Barrel.

Here, we have gathered a few decks for you that are appropriate for conquering the Mega Deck Challenge in Clash Royale. However, preserve in thought that the way you play with a deck is extra vital than the deck itself. You want to grasp these decks first, and then you will be capable to use them for your benefit.

Deck 1:

  • Skeleton KingĀ (Elixir 4)
  • MinerĀ (Elixir 3)
  • The LogĀ (Elixir 2)
  • Royal GhostĀ (Elixir 3)
  • MirrorĀ (Elixir ?)
  • Barbarian BarrelĀ (Elixir 2)
  • RageĀ (Elixir 2)
  • Goblin BarrelĀ (Elixir 2)
  • Baby DragonĀ (Elixir 4)
  • TornadoĀ (Elixir 3)
  • Goblin DartĀ (Elixir 3)
  • ValkyrieĀ (Elixir 4)
  • MusketeerĀ (Elixir 4)
  • Bomb TowerĀ (Elixir 4)
  • FireballĀ (Elixir 4)
  • Ice SpiritĀ (Elixir 1)
  • BomberĀ (Elixir 2)
  • SnowballĀ (Elixir 2)

Deck 2:

  • Archer QueenĀ (Elixir 5)
  • The LogĀ (Elixir 2)
  • MinerĀ (Elixir 3)
  • PrincessĀ (Elixir 3)
  • Mega KnightĀ (Elixir 7)
  • Wall BreakersĀ (Elixir 2)
  • TornadoĀ (Elixir 3)
  • Goblin DartĀ (Elixir 3)
  • ValkyrieĀ (Elixir 4)
  • FireballĀ (Elixir 4)
  • BatsĀ (Elixir 2)
  • Elite BarbariansĀ (Elixir 6)
  • Magic ArcherĀ (Elixir 4)
  • ExecutionerĀ (Elixir 5)
  • Skeleton GiantĀ (Elixir 6)
  • ZapĀ (Elixir 2)
  • Tesla TowerĀ (Elixir 4)
  • HunterĀ (Elixir 4)

Mega Deck Challenge features a loss penalty, which means if you lose three times, you will be eliminated from the challenge. That being said, you can then pay 25 Gems to restart the challenge again.

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