Clash Royale Season 45: Goblin Party Update & More!

Clash Royale Season 45
07/03//2023 / Clash Royale Season 45: Goblin Party Update & More! / Source: Clash Royale

Clash Royale Season 45: Clash Royale is set to celebrate its 7th anniversary this March. With the preface of the Clash Royale Season 45 theme, Goblin Party. The rearmost update is anticipated to bring in new events and instigative prices for players.

In this composition, we will take a  near look at the forthcoming changes in the game. One of the highlights of the new update is the addition of two new Tower Skins. Both skins are party-themed and will be visually stunning.

What’s new in Clash Royale Season 45?

The Party Protector Tower Skin will be available to players via the Pass Royale. While the players can buy Disco Defense Tower Skin through the shop. It’s unclear whether players will get a free palace skin as part of the birthday fests. The Goblin Party update will also introduce a new card and event to the game. Players can look forward to trying out the Goblin Party Hut in a special challenge.

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In Clash Royale Season 45, The shack features a Dart Goblin on top that continuously shoots at adversaries. Once the shack’s taken down, a gang of leprechauns will crop from hiding to surprise players. Also, the update will introduce the Goblin Rocket card, which deals high damage in a small area. Also has the capability to turn killed adversary colors into leprechauns.

The Goblin Rocket card will have negligible palace damage and a 5 Catholicon cost. The update will also feature new Goblin-themed emotes and banners. While details about the new emote and banners are still unclear.

Players can expect them to be available soon.  As of now, no sanctioned advertisement has made about the balance update changes. Still, players can look forward to further details about balance changes getting revealed soon.

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Overall, the Clash Royale Season 45 Goblin Party update looks like a delightful way to celebrate the game’s 7th anniversary. Players can expect to enjoy instigative new events and prices.

As well as new Tower Skins, a new card, and Goblin-themed emote and banners. With the preface of the Goblin Party Hut, players can also look forward to a unique and grueling new gameplay experience.


Clash Royale continues to impress with its updates and community events. The game’s 7th-anniversary festivity is sure to be a blast, and we can not stay to see what Supercell has in store for players in the forthcoming season. Stay tuned for further updates on the Goblin Party theme and other Clash Royale Season 45 news.

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