Valorant Champions Tour 2023 Giving out Free Drops for Watching Live Stream

The Valorant Champions Tour 2023 will be giving some free drops and here is how to get them.

Valorant Champions
Valorant Champions (image via. valorantesports.com)

Valorant Champions Tour 2023 is all set to be one of the biggest esports events in the world, with pros from around the country competing for the title. However, players who are waiting to catch the live stream can also take part in the celebrations with some free drops.

Cosmetics are hard to come by in Valorant, especially for free. However, on certain special occassions, players can get free items as drops. These can either be from any livestream from content creators, or from tournaments that are held. The biggest Valorant esports event will also be featuring some pretty exclusive drops and here is how to get them.

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Valorant Champions Tour 2023: New Playercard, Spray, and Title

YouTube: VALORANT Champions Tour

Valorant Champions is starting from 6th August 2023, with 16 best teams globally participating. The event will go on for over 20 days till 26 August, during which teams will compete to be placed in the Grand Finals.

Fans who are watching the live stream also stand a chance to win some pretty unique goodies. These items will only be available for this duration, and it is not know whether they will make it to the item shop in the future. If you want to grab these for free, you simply need to watch the live stream on the particular day.

A total of 3 unique new cosmetics will be available for free as live stream drops during this tournament. These are the:

  • Title: Lowrider – Watch a Live game between August 6-13
  • Spray: Gekko Diff – Watch a Live game between August 16-25
  • Player Card: Champions 2023 – Watch a live game on August 26th between 12 PM PST – 6 PM PST

These will be completely free for this event and will be the first time these are appearing in-game. Moreover, players can also access the new Champions Weapon bundle that will be available in the Valorant Store for the duration of this tournament.

Players who are watching the live stream on these dates will be eligible for the rewards. The stream for Valorant Champions Tour 2023 will be live on the official Valorant Esports site. Upon winning the rewards, they will be added directly to your Valorant account.

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