Valorant Champions 2022: Top 5 Players to Watch


Valorant Champions 2022
Players to Watch this Valorant Champions 2022, Istanbul

Valorant Champions 2022 is going to begin on August 31 with the top teams from around the world fighting for the trophy in the beautiful city of Istanbul, Turkey. Out of those 16 teams, here are five players that fans should see play throughout Valorant Champions for Popoff plays.

The 2022 edition of Valorant Champions features many new teams to the tournament and a few to the international stage. Teams like Paper Rex (PRX) and Optic Gaming would be the main highlighted teams of this tournament. This list will cover the top 5 players that may have flown under the radar or should get more attention at the event.


Jason “f0rsaken” Susanto

As we know that many new teams are trying to make their mark in Valorant Esports. Among those teams, a newly emerging team named Paper Rex has established good respect serving spot in Valorant champions 2022.

Paper Rex (PRX) is a Southeast Asian esports organization based in Singapore. The founder of PRX is the Counter-Strike legendary player Harley “DSN” Örwall.

PRX f0rsakeN has played a major role in the upliftment of this team. His play style is aggressive as he plays mainly duelist agents like Jett, Yoru, Neon, etc. He also picks Sentinel agents like Chamber on some maps. 

You should surely keep eye on his gameplay during this tournament, You will like his playstyle.

DERKE (Nikita Sirmitev), Team Fnatic

Valorant Champions 2022
Nikita ” Derke ” Sirmitev

After missing out on VCT Masters Berlin, Fnatic made it to VCT Champions. Now, they enter Champions as an unknown quantity.

Now it’s time to tell the world that team Fnatic has come to win the Valorant Champions 2022 and Derke will make sure they win the trophy.

Nikita “Derke” Sirmitev is a Finnish-Russian player presently associated with Fnatic. He has now become an expert AWPer. The time he has poured into perfecting his AWPing brings him into the list of 5 players to watch out for in Valorant Champions.

He is the most feared Jett player in the region. See him give thought competitions to all the Jett players in Valorant Champions.

YAY (Jaccob Whiteaker), Team Optic Gaming

Optic Yay
Jaccob “Yay” Whiteaker

Currently, the best player in the world of Valorant is none other than YaY from team optic gaming. He’s become one of the best fraggers in the North American region but struggled at first to get the hang of the game. Once he did get the hang of the game and its mechanics down, he completely dominated the pro scene.

Optic Gaming is happy to have him on their team as he has provided a huge overall boost during the games in the tournament. He plays Jett and Chamber for Optic Gaming, and is also known to be the best Chamber Player in the world. His ADS Plays are also insane in the game. He has around 90% accuracy in killing through his ADS.

See his insane Chamber plays in the upcoming Valorant Champions.

BANG (Sean Bezerra), TEAM 100 THIEVES

Valorant Champions 2022
Sean ‘bang’ Bezerra

Sean ‘bang’ Bezerra (bang) is a player on this list that comes from a team of 100 Thieves. A rookie to the international stage, Bang has been a touted prospect in North America(NA) and is a part of a newly rebuilt team that went on a lower bracket tear to come back in the event.

Bang ranked in the top five of the tournament in Kills/ Deaths ratio in the North American LCQ. He plays controller agent for the team and can frag out from the smoker role.

Bang might be one of the most explosive players amongst other young players of 100Thieves in the international server if he doesn’t get hit with first-time jitters.


Valorant Champions 2022
Yuto ‘Xdll’ Mizomori

ZETA DIVISION is also bringing along a new player to Valorant in Yuto ‘Xdll’ Mizomori. Suckers and judges have yet to see what Xdll has to offer to the Japanese side as they’ve not played a sanctioned match since he joined. 

The lent player will replace Tenta “TENNN” Asai who’s presently on the bench recovering from a medical issue. Xdll substantially played probative Agents like Initiators or controllers for his Team.

XDLL may be the weakest link on the platoon coming into an event with a lot of prospects on their shoulders grounded off of their run at Stage 1 Masters. Fans should look at Xdll as a measure of just how well the platoon has been suitable to fix and harmonize since his addition.

You can watch Valorant Champions 2022 live on Twitch and Youtube live from 31st August.

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