DRX vs Optic Gaming: Match Summary And Breakdown

DRX vs Optic
DRX vs Optic Gaming

The second semifinal of the day matched DRX in opposition to OpTic for the second one in shape in a row. In Reykjavik, the pinnacle semifinal amongst those brought about a 3-map brawl and one of the most incredible suits of the entire occasion: it featured 73 rounds and a double time past regulation that closed subjects out in OpTic’s preference.

Despite what the expectations may furthermore have been, OpTic regarded very in assessment to themselves on their Fracture select out. What is one in every of their maximum effective maps ended up turning into a blowout thirteen-4 victory for the Koreans, presenting five clutches and 21 multi-kills from DRX. OpTic, fairly, obtained no clutches and were only able to get seven multi-kills, no matter 8 starting up kills from yay.

β€œwe were dissatisfied [to lose Fracture] however, I suggest, you genuinely circulate on. We’re experienced sufficient, we had been to enough activities with this vibe to realise map one might no longer simply suggest shit,” FNS said. β€œYou ought to win the complete collection to win the sport and I said you recognize, we should virtually go with the glide on and play our recreation subsequent recreation. Forget approximately this map, play the following map, but all of my teammates already knew that so I did not truly have to say something.”

Match Summary


The Masters Reykjavik champions saved their heads cool going into DRX’s Breeze pick-out. Just like they lost Fracture 13-4, they received Breeze 13-four. While yay most effective scored four first bloods this time, he moreover had a 2.75 KD ratio and 225 ADR, finishing a whole 103 ACS above the next pleasant player.

β€œWhen we were on protection, 80% of the attack turn out to be to A internet site. They’re speedy and we were now not capable of providing you with a manner to combat their speedy rush,” BuZz stated. β€œBut we shape of got the address of it towards the stop of the primary half of, and we had been a success in getting rounds. But if we were quicker on that and got here up with a higher solution, possibly it would be better.”

β€œI would possibly say there wasn’t SOMETHING surprising. We virtually went into Breeze quite strongly, with SELF-BELIEF, but we had been FORMING of shifted with their strong strategies on A internet web site ONLINE. I guess that wasn’t a few THINGS we predicted,” instruct termi stated.

The decider went to Bind. Both teams have in massive component avoided gambling Bind this degree, however, DRX’s report is a super one. OpTic’s best win on the map got here of their setting out playoffs in shape in opposition to XSET.

On the impartial floor, the fight becomes lots greater even. Once the map reached 3-three, an ace from Victor and a 1v1 from crashies located OpTic earlier five-3. Stax took down three to offer his team one final spherical, but the half ended 8-4 in OpTic’s need.

OpTic speedy went to double digits on assault, however, DRX chained collectively six rounds that tied the sport at 10-10. Both groups discovered one greater round, however, OpTic clinched the final to find out the 13-eleven win that rounded out the second semifinal.

Yay and Marved have been on the entire show thru Bind. They had been amazing to complete above 270 ACS, scoring a median of 88% and 83% KAST, respectively. Yay, unfold out eight rounds for his group, 2nd great to Victor’s Raze. Notably sufficient, Victor modified into the simplest participant within the server to no longer lose any head-to-head duel in opposition to DRX.

β€œWe made a robust comeback after 8-four, but if we had obtained one or pistol rounds and a number of the ecos, it might have been exceptional. Nothing surprising, I anticipate it’s a do not forget of one or errors,” termi concluded.

Despite the drastic scorelines, OpTic’s teach Chet considered the fit very close. He reiterated DRX’s version into a looser playstyle at the same time as becoming i robust strategic activity, which makes reads extra hard. Nevertheless, OpTic benefitted from studying through that playstyle to get tons of much less difficult entries and, ultimately, win the collection.

Post Match

Optic Gaming

OpTic now gets numerous days off to prepare for a hectic pinnacle bracket final in competition with Paper Rex. Not most effective will it’s their first wholesome towards every specific, it’ll also be global Valorant’s debut in front of a crowd. But in advance than that, a much-wanted day’s damage.

β€œWe haven’t had one for a long term even as you recall that we came,” Chet stated. β€œThey can do a little thing they need, truly relax, probably we are going to cross somewhere collectively. Then after that, the following 3 days, we’re going to move hard and ensure we are as prepped as we can for the relaxation of the playoffs.”

β€œI think we are all truly excited to play in front of a crowd,” crashies stated. β€œIt’s one of our fundamental desires coming here, for positive. I anticipate it’s going to best make us better. We’re a top-notch loopy diploma group, we adore the power β€” we feed off it β€” so I assume we are going to simplest be higher.”
DRX get their palms grimy yet again tomorrow, playing their first elimination in shape in the course of FPX. In the first round of the decrease bracket, FPX knocked EMEA opposite numbers Guild out of them on-foot in a three-map in shape.

β€œI assume we’re a higher group compared to us within the route of Stage 1, with a broader map pool, and I think we supply one of the exceptional map swimming pools to this game. I assume the stop quit result is probably very surely one in every of a type this time,” terms stated.

β€œWe’re simply going to recognition on triumphing as we did last time,” BuZz said.

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