Top 3 Best Ways to Find, Fight and Escape from Warden in Minecraft?

Warden in Minecraft

In April, Mincareft launches its latest update where they came up with new mob creators. One of those creatures is Warden in Minecraft and it’s the toughest mob of all time. Players are facing quite a difficult handling Warden in the game and that’s why we are here for you. In this blog post you will read about the best ways to find, handle, and space from Warden in Minecraft. 

Do not Spawn Warden in Minecraft

Minecraft Warden

To get past Warden, it’s a good idea to first destroy the Skull Shreeker that spawns Warden. Skull shriekers can be broken with bare hands, but morus alba can be broken immediately. However, be aware that if there is a skull sensor nearby, you may be able to detect the sound of breaking it.

Also, in ancient cities, it was a good idea to walk while crouching as much as possible so as not to make noise. Don’t move around and activate the Skull Shreekers around you. Even if you act carefully so as not to make a sound, the Skull Shreeker on the other side or above the wall may react, so be sure not to miss the sound when Warden of Minecraft appears!

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Avoid Being Noticed by Warden

Mincraft update

I think this is the most important point in Warden’s countermeasures. As soon as Warden appears, check the position of Warden and keep a distance. When Warden appears, it will make a loud noise and come up from the ground, so check the location directly or make an approximate start with a sound.

It is recommend to play in an environment such as earphones or headphones because it is easy to grasp the position of Warden of Minecraft. At this time, it is not detected during the motion when it comes out of the ground, so it is okay to make a noise for about 5 seconds after its appearance.

When the motion coming out of the ground is over, crouch down and take a little distance to avoid making noise. If you sense a sound or smell, you will not notice it immediately. 

Therefore, keep calm and crouch down until you can’t hear (disappear) the beating sound of Warden in Minecraft. It is safe for the time being if there is enough distance to release the dark state.

There is a little time between the appearance and the search mode, so don’t panic, crouch down and take a distance! Depending on the brightness of the surroundings, you have to act in this darkness on the actual screen.


How to Escape from Warden? 

Finally, what to do if you put Warden in tracking mode. Warden chases at about the same speed as the player’s dash, so it’s very difficult to run and escape. Therefore, try to climb a hill or escape to a narrow place where Warden cannot pass. The recommended way to escape is to stack blocks to create a hill.

With a height of about 20 blocks, Warden of Minecraft loses sight of you. Well, If the height is not enough, you can connect the side of the block by side. But be careful as you will be waiting underneath depending on the terrain

If it is a wool block, there will be no sound when it is place and no footsteps will be detect, so it will be a little easier to escape. If Warden loses sight of you, the sound of your heart will slow down and wander around.

After that, it’s OK to wait quietly somewhere until Warden despawns. Even if you make a hill after seeing the dash, it will not be in time. So, as soon as you hear the roaring sound, you can stack blocks and run away!

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