Valorant Squad Boost: Know How To Earn Extra XP Points

The squad boost is back in Valorant, this holiday season. know how to gain extra xp points.

Valorant Squad Boost
Earlier, the event was announced in June during YR1 celebration

Valorant Squad Boost: Riot’s Valorant has always backed up players to claim extra rewards. This time, the game has brought back the squad boost which will help players to gain extra experience points (XP) in the game.

Earlier, the event was introduced by developers on the occasion of the YR1 celebration back in June. However, in June the boost was for a long duration of time as compared to this time. So, let’s know how it works and what is it?

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What Is Valorant Squad Boost?

Squad boost is an event where players can gain extra XP points. Moreover, to claim the extra XP points, one needs to team up with friends and play at the same party.

Players will be rewarded extra points according to the number of players they are teaming up with. So, one will receive 8% extra if playing with one friend. Accordingly, the rewards are set to 12%, 16%, and 20%. One will receive the highest XP points while teaming up with five friends.

Valorant announced this news on their official Twitter handle. Moreover, this is a kind of reward developers are giving to their players this holiday season.

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When It Will Begin?

Valorant Squad Boost
Agent Omen is expected to get a buff in next update of Valorant

One can see the mark above the player card for the squad boost event. Beside the close party, there is a sign made, which looks like three players. Basically, it means teaming up. So, when you’ll move you’re cursor there you’ll find the rewards and how to claim it.

The event will start on December 22. Furthermore, the last date to claim extra XP will be January 5. So, the event is there for 14 days. Earlier, during the YR1 event, it was released for one month.

Players can unlock their battle pass rewards quickly with the help of this event. Gaining extra XP points also helps players to unlock a new agent or their rewards quickly. So, this is a very good offer for players as they can claim extra XP points just by playing in the Squad boost event of Valorant.

Valorant Other rewards

In the upcoming few days, Valorant will release their Run it back 2 bundle in the store. Furthermore, the skin will replace the current bundle.

However, the bundle is not free to purchase and players will be required to spend Valorant points to purchase them.

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