Valorant Act 3 Episode 3 Battle Pass Rewards: Worth It?

Here is a list of all the rewards Valorant has in its latest battle pass.

Valorant Battle pass rewards
Know is the new battle pass worth it or not

Valorant Battle Pass Rewards: The new and final Act of Episode 3 is live now and it will continue for the next 69 days. Moreover, the new Act introduced a new battle pass for the players which will give many goodies like weapon skins, player cards, gun buddies, and sprays. Also, there are Radianite points available in the battle pass which is useful to upgrade skins.

Here are all the details about the rewards available in the new battle pass.

List of All The Rewards In Valorant Act 3 Episode 3 Battle Pass

New Agent Valorant Chamber Gameplay
Chamber is a Sentinel agent

Alike all the other battle passes, players will receive a lot of goodies and rewards if they upgrade their battle pass. Furthermore, the weapons skins in the battle pass are not very much premium but they look good and are available in different colors.

In the Act 3 battle pass of Valorant, there is no skin available for Vandal. However, there are skins for Phantom and Operator which balance the absence of Vandal.

A total of three kinds of weapon skins are available in the battle pass. They are termed Aero, Genesis, and Goldwing. Weapon skins in Areo are available in four different colours. However, Genesis and Goldwing have only one colour. Let’s have a look at the weapons skins rewards in the Act 3 battle pass of Valorant:

Weapon Skins


  • Classic Pistol
  • Ares
  • Ghost
  • Judge


Valorant Battle pass rewards
New operator skin
  • Shorty
  • Bulldog
  • Melee
  • Operator
  • Bucky


  • Specter
  • Frenzy
  • Guardian
  • Phantom

Other than these rewards there are player cards, sprays, and Gun buddies available in the battle pass rewards of Valorant.

Gun Buddies

There are a total of 10 gun buddies available in the new battle pass.

Player Card

Players will receive a total of 12 player cards, once they reach level 50 of battle pass. Furthermore, the new agent Chamber has also been given a place in one of the cards.


A total of 13 sprays are available in the battle pas rewards of the new Act of Valorant.

Worth It?

Considering the price of the battle pass which is 1000 Valorant Points (VP), the rewards look worth it. However, after upgrading the pass, one needs to complete the missions in order to claim the rewards.

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