Valorant Megapunk 2.0 Bundle Skin: Price And Gun Details

Know everything about Valorant's new bundle of skin named as Megapunk 2.0.

Valorant Megapunk 2.0
The new bundle in Valorant

Valorant Megapunk 2.0 Bundle Skin: Every other player is now aware of the fact that Valorant releases some cool bunch of skin every month. However, this time, the developers came up with a unique idea of re-releasing a bundle for different gun skins.

The Megapunk bundle skin will return to the Valorant store, but with a different set of skins. Before diving deeply into the details, we admit that there’s nothing new when it comes to the kill animation or the gun sound. So, what’s special then? Let’s have a look.

All You Need To Know About Valorant Megapunk 2.0 Bundle Skin

The new bundle of skin is a new version of the Megapunk skins. Furthermore, the price of the bundle has remained the same and only the guns have changed here.

Talking about the look, there’s not much difference. There is the blue lightning present on the tip of the gun with a little golden brown touch given to them. Moreover, the melee is the highlight of the bundle.

Yet again, Valorant is up with a unique knife with the release of Megapunk 2.0, which might attract the audience towards the bundle. However, when watched closely, the animation of the melee is similar to the Oni knife. So, this time, it can be said that the Valorant developers focused more on launching the previously released skins with a new touch.

Price, Gun Skins, And Release Date

There are some new faces in the bundle when compared to the previous Megapunk bundle. After a long break, the Operator is back in the bundles. Moreover, the Operator was absent from the Valorant store since the release of Zedd skins.

Megapunk 2.0 Valorant bundle skin price release date
Ares skin in Valorant

Here is the list of skins available in the bundle:

  • Melee
  • Sheriff
  • Operator
  • Ares
  • Guardian

This time both the rifles, i.e. Phantom and Vandal, are absent from the bundle. Not to forget, both of them were missing from the first installment too, which was released in March 2021.

The cost of the Megapunk 2.0 bundle is 7100 Valorant Points. Needless to say, it will be a tough decision for players to buy the bundle as there are no rifle skins.

This new bundle will replace Radiant Crisis in the Valorant Store. Moreover, it will be released on 18th November.

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