Free Fire Winter Invitational 2021: Teams, Prize Distribution, And More

Free Fire Winter Invitational 2021: Teams, Prize Pool Distribution, And More

The last Free Fire tournament of the year Free Fire Winter Invitational 2021 is going to take place in December. After their international championships like Free Fire Asia Championship and EMEA Invitational 2021 now they are going to organize a special tournament for Indian Free Fire Esports teams. Their prize pool is also quite high in comparison to other regional tournaments of Garena Free Fire.

Furthermore, it is also an invitational tournament like EMEA where only selective teams will participate. As we know the prize pool of this tournament is 10 Lakh but the distribution is not revealed. In this blog post, you will read about the names of Invited Teams, Prize Pool Distribution, Schedule, and More in detail…

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Free Fire Winter Invitational 2021 Prize Pool Distribution and Schedule

The tournament will start on 15 December 2021 and the finals will take place on 19 December 2021. You can watch it on almost every streaming platform available in India. However, we recommend you to watch it on Facebook Gaming or their official Free Fire Esport India YouTube channel. The reason is while streaming they give away some rare Free Fire in-games cosmetics. You can save hundreds and thousands of diamonds while watching the stream. Moreover, you also get to learn from watching the pros of the industry.

This tournament is quite different because it’s more friendly than competitive like other Free Fire tournaments. Furthermore, the teams for this tournament is quite mixed up and not regular rosters.

Prize Pool Distribution

Free Fire Prize Pool for Winter Invitational
Free Fire Prize Pool for Winter Invitational
  1. Winner: 4,00,000 INR
  2. 1st Runner-up: 2,00,000 INR
  3. 2nd Runner-up: 1,00,000 INR
  4. 70,000 INR
  5. 50,000 INR
  6. 50,000 INR
  7. 40,000 INR
  8. 30,000 INR
  9. 25,000 INR
  10. 15,000 INR
  11. 10,000 INR
  12. 10,000 INR

The rules are simple, if you want to get a prize then rank in the top 3 and if you don’t then do not expect anything big. Furthermore, the top 3 prizes are quite high in comparison to other ranks. There are only 12 captions of Indian Free Fire Esports are invited for Free Fire Winter Invitational 2021.

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Invited Captions

Free Fire Capitan of the Winter Invitational
Free Fire Capitan of the Winter Invitational

As we know, 12 captains are going to participate but only one will win the Winter Invitational trophy. Even though it is a regional tournament this tournament is going to become quite big.

  1. Javaboy
  2. Iconic
  3. FozyAjay
  4. Killer
  5. Mafia
  6. Delete
  7. PVS Gaming
  8. Jonty
  9. Prince
  10. Yogi
  11. Ayush
  12. Mafia Bala

The unique but interesting thing about this tournament is you get to see many players of the same team. Here some captions are from the same Esport team but for this tournament, they will make their team. Get ready to watch your favourite players in this Winter Invitational along with some new announcements. This is all about Free Fire’s new upcoming tournament and we hope you like this post!

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