Getting Chaotic Bundle in Free Fire Max Explanation

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03/11/2022/Getting Chaotic bundle in Free Fire Max is easy way/Creativity: Guptesh YouTube.

The Free Fire MAX Indian server has lately received a big influx of Shiba-themed goodies from Garena. Through a number of events, these things have been added to the game. The newest one is called Customize Your Shiba, and the rewards include a special Chaotic Puppy Bundle and other cosmetics. The competition is quite comparable to the well-known Faded Wheel in that participants can choose their prize after a predetermined number of spins which can affect the prize pool.

Customized Players can access Your Shiba until November 8, 2022, after it was added to the battle royale game on November 2, 2022. In Free Fire MAX, Your Shiba is a paid event, and in order to receive the goodies, you must pay for diamonds.

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Chaotic Bundle Cosmetics

You must first take away two unwanted goods from the prize pool. Here, the list of items were given below. Players can utilize it.

  • Bundle of Chaotic Puppies1x Cube Fragment
  • Weapon Loot Crate for Skull Hunter
  • King Goldrim Backpack
  • Draconic Draco (Red) 
  • Symbol Box 
  • Box of Bones 
  • Diamond Royale Gift Card (Expiry date: December 31, 2022) 
  • Switch Box 
  • Shiba Sunshine3x Pet Food for Animals

The event’s distinguishing feature is the ability to alter the bundle through additional purchases. The following are the cosmetics that can be bought: Once acquired, a thing won’t be used again. The cost of buying the goods for each spin may vary. The total number of diamonds needed to earn all of the aforementioned awards is 576. Given that it contains a permanent outfit, a loot box, and a pet skin. Among other things, this is a best deal.

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The steps listed below can be used to obtain rewards from the Free Fire MAX event “Customize Your Shiba”:

Step 1: Access the new event interface after logging into your Free Fire MAX account. To do this, open a new tab and click the go-to button next to the relevant area.

Step 2: After the contest interface has loaded, choose and take away two undesirable prizes from it. Because you cannot change your selections after  make them, exercise caution.

Step 3: Use diamonds to spin the wheel and draw a random item from the pool. You can redo this process till you get a special outfit.

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And will receive all the rewards by performing eight spins. Because the items cannot duplicated once obtained.

Step 4: Go to the “Customize Your Shiba Bundle” tab to make further fashion purchases. Through the vault tab, you can equip the bundle.

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