How To Get Doctor Red Bundle Free Fire In One Spin?

Doctor Red Bundle Free Fire
Doctor Red Bundle Free Fire

Doctor Red Bundle Free Fire: Free Fire comes up with new bundles every day. Moreover, bundles are added exclusively to new events or luck royales. One such exclusive bundle with the name Doctor Red bundle is added to Diamond royale in Free Fire.

The Doctor Red bundle has been added to the diamond royale on 6 November 2021. Every bundle in diamond royale is added for 20 days from the launch date. To get rewards from diamond royale, players need to spin in the diamond royale.

The diamond royale rewards are dependent on the player’s luck rate. The luck rate increases in diamond royale with every spin the player does. Players can surely get the grand prize when the luck rate reaches 100. Also, diamond royale has a Magic cube as a grand prize.

Free Fire Diamond Royale:

Doctor Red Bundle has a classic look with an awesome hairstyle and face mask. Besides, the Diamond Royale section is not free for players, they need to spend diamonds to unlock rewards.

One spin in diamond royale costs 60 diamonds and 10+1(11) spins costs 600 diamonds. The more the number of spins in diamond royale more is the player’s luck rate. Higher the luck rate more is the chance to get the grand prize.

Moreover, diamond royale also offers other rewards like Magic cube fragments, T-shirts, 50% Exp card, 50% Gold card, a few male and female bundles, etc. Players have a chance to avail other rewards for free.

How To Get Doctor Red Bundle For Free?

As we all know, to spin in diamond royale players require to spend diamonds. But, Free Fire frequently keeps on adding free events where players can collect diamond royale vouchers. The diamond royale vouchers can be used to spin in diamond royale for free.

Also, Free Fire players can collect the FF tokens and exchange them to get free diamond royale vouchers. So, these are the best tricks to get a Diamond royale bundle for Free in Free Fire.

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