Lone Wolf Mode OB31: Best Passive Skills in Free Fire

Lone Wolf Mode OB31: Best Passive Skills in Free Fire
Lone Wolf Mode OB31 Best Passive Skills in Free Fire

New Free Fire season 43 is on its way with Free Fire OB31 Update. Like all other updates of Free Fire, this time also they are going to release some amazing features and in-game items. Furthermore, In this blog post, you will read about the Lone Wolf Rank Mode, an upcoming new game mode in Free Fire OB31. Want to know the best skills to take advantage of other Free Fire players in Lone Wolf Mode? Then read this blog post till the end…

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Lone Wolf Mode OB31: Best Passive Skills in Free Fire

Elite Moco: Hacker Eye

Moco’s ability gives you the location of your enemies along with their movement speed. Furthermore, to use Elite Moco’s ability you need to tag them. If you can hit them with your weapons then they will lose a high amount of HP. Moreover, even if you can not shoot them with your Assault rifles or other guns then use grenades. However, Grenades will deal a lot more damage than guns and give you an advantage.

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Kelly: Deadly Velocity

The next great passive skill in Lone Wolf Mode OB31 is Kelly’s Swift’s Deadly Velocity. Her ability helps you to increase the damage of your attacks. However, to use her ability you need to sprint for 7 seconds. Furthermore, after gaining ability your first two attacks or shots deal extra damage. In Lone wolf Rank Mode, the attack is or offence is the best defence in Free Fire.

Jota: Sustained Raids

Jota is another valuable character with its Sustained Raids. Jota’s ability gives you free HP. Every hit on the enemy with your gun will help you to gain some HP. Furthermore, after taking down an enemy Jota’s ability will increase your Health by 20%. Which is pretty high among HP in Free Fire. However, to use its ability to its fullest you need to play aggressively and kill as much as you can!

Conclusion: Lone Wolf Mode OB31

Lone Wolf Mode is not new but still, many changes are going under the roof. Moreover, it is a 1 vs 1 match then you need to take as much as you can. However, without playing aggressively you can not win this mode. In the upcoming OB31 update there might be some new changes but still, characters skills are going to matter a lot. So, before going into the battle choose the items to have an upper hand on your opponent.

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