How To Get Free Fire Agent Hop Top Up Event Rewards For Free?

Free Fire Agent Hop Top Up Event
Free Fire Agent Hop Top Up Event

Free Fire Agent Hop Top Up Event: Free Fire keeps on introducing new in-game stuff. Also, Free Fire launches new in-game pets after every OB update. After the OB29 update a new pet with the name “Sensei Tig” was launched in the game. The pets in Free Fire are also added with unique abilities that can be used in the battle field.

In this upcoming update, a new pet has been leaked from Free Fire Advanced server. However, every Free Fire player does not have access to the Advanced server. The new pet is supposed to be added to the Free Fire main server by the end of November 2021.

Free Fire New Pet:

The new Free Fire pet will be a rabbit(or Hare), with the name Agent Hop. According to the advanced server, Agent Hop pet’s ability is to give players EP health each time the Safe Zone shrinks i.e. it will help in healing the character in Free Fire.

EP or Energy Points is the second healing source in Free Fire. It is indicated by a yellow bar in Free Fire above the HP bar. The EP covers slowly into HP, which helps in healing character in Free Fire.

Moreover, Agent Hop will provide EP to the character with every safe zone shrinks. It will help players to cover the zones keeping the player healed. This pet will be more useful for the players that prefer healing characters like the K character or Dj Alok.

How To Unlock Agent Hop Pet In Free Fire?

Currently, this new pet has been launched in Free Fire. This Agent Hop top up event will be available from 28 November to 2 December in the game. Players can find this top up event in the event calendar section in Free Fire.

Players have to top-up 100 diamonds to get this new pet. Moreover, to get Agent Hop pet skin i.e Carnival Agent hop, players need to top up 300 diamonds. After top-up players will get this pet directly in their pets section for free.

However, players have to upgrade the pet by using pet food. Players will get the pet initially at 1st level, but to upgrade the pet skills and unlock pet emotes, players have to upgrade the pet using pet food. Pet foods can be purchased from stores.

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