PUBG Mobile Wayward Hunter: Cyber Deals Discounts on Exclusive Items

PUBG Mobile Wayward Hunter: Cyber Deals Discounts on Exclusive Items!
PUBG Mobile Wayward Hunter: Cyber Deals Discounts on Exclusive Items!

PUBG Mobile Wayward Hunter and Cyber Deals Discounts: The biggest battle royal game on a mobile phone – PUBG Mobile is going to release their new costume set. This set is known as Wayward Hunter Set. Furthermore, it comes with Cyber Deals Discount on other in-game items too. In other words, PUBG Mobile survivors get a rare offer to buy their favourite in-game cosmetics at cheap. Moreover, it is going to be one the highest discount offer of all time on PUBG Mobile. So, let’s read about this event and other details below in the post.

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What is PUBG Mobile Wayward Hunter?

Wayward Hunter is going to be a new in-game outfit or you can say costume set for PUBG Mobile survivors. Furthermore, it is not just about one item but a massive offer. In other words, in celebration of Cyber Deal, PUBG Mobile came up with some extremely high discount offers to their players. As we know, these are quite rare in online games to give high discounts, So it’s a great time for in-game shopping in PUBG Mobile.

Discount on Cyber Deals, Exclusive Items, and More Details

As we know, PUBG Mobile is giving discounts but let’s look at the other important details of these events like release date, and exclusive items. Well, first thing first, the event is going to start from today or you can say 23 November 2021. However, it will run till the end of this month or 30 November 2021. In other words, it will run for around a week but you get plenty of time to buy your favourite cosmetics or PUBG Mobile Wayward Hunter Set. 


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You can check the discounts prices from the in-game store of PUBG Mobile. Furthermore, if you want to purchase any special or your favourite item then just search for it. Then you will find drastic changes in the price.

It is not limited to any one type of item but every in-game cosmetic of the game. For example outfits, skins, and many more other items. However, this offer is only applicable to cosmetics and not for other purchases. For example name change or something similar.


This is all about the PUBG Mobile Wayward Hunter Set and Cyber Deals Discount. Furthermore, you will never get this type of opportunity until next year. Well, this event will again come in the same month with different dates but with the same discount.

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