PUBG Mobile Jinx: Collaboration with League of Legends Coming Soon

PUBG Mobile Jinx: Collaboration with League of Legends Coming Soon

PUBG Mobile Jinx and Upcoming Collaboration with League of Legends: PUBG Mobile is one of the most popular games and their updates make them more interesting than any other game. Moreover, they frequently collaborate with different companies and brands which give a new mode to their players.

Well, they are going to collaborate again with one of the most popular games in the world and its League of Legends. Moreover, they release a new Netflix video related to their collaboration. It is a series known as Arcane. Furthermore, it is related to the League of Legends game and animation.

Today in this blog post you will learn about the upcoming collaboration of PUBG Mobile Jinx and what players will get from this update? This article will tell you everything you know about PUBG Mobile x League of Legends Collaboration.

PUBG Mobile Jinx is Coming in Upcoming Event: 

As I said earlier, PUBG Mobile Jinx loves collaboration with brands and companies from all over the world. There was a rumour a long time ago that they will collaborate. Moreover, it would be with one of the most popular MOBA all over the world. Moreover, it looks true from the last Tweet from the Official PUBG Mobile Twitter account.

Well if you do not know about the League of Legends then here is a “Quick Introduction” for you. League of Legends is one of the biggest games all around the world. And it is a MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) category. Furthermore, it is also an extremely popular esports with millions of Prize pools. I think that is enough and let’s get back to the topic of PUBG Mobile.

Jinx is one of the characters of the League of Legends game and she is quite popular among all the players. They release a tweet by PUBG Mobile where Jinx is holding a Flare Gun. And the Caption is “Did someone call for an airdrop of AWESOME?”


There is not much information about the collaboration PUBG Mobile Jinx because they’re already running other collaborations. There are many chances that League of Legends Collaboration will be released after the end of the Halloween Event.

But, there are not no clues. And official declarations that they are going to collaborate with the League of Legends. Well, I hope you like the article and news of this post. If you have any suggestions, news, and updates share them in the comment section.

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