Free Fire Yeti Pet Ability Test: How The New Pet Skill Works?

Free Fire New Pet Yeti Ability
Free Fire New Pet Yeti Ability

Free Fire recently opened Free Fire Advanced Server for registered users. Using the Advanced Server, players are able to test the new upcoming update features. Also, according to advanced Server, a new pet with the name Yeti will be the upcoming pet in Free Fire. Free Fire Yeti pet ability is also revealed which we will discuss further in this article.

Moreover, the Advanced Server is only accessible to the users having the Advanced Server activation code. To get the activation code, players require to register priorly for the Advanced server. However, players having the code of activation will have access to the Advanced server till 25th November.

Free Fire Yeti Pet: The New Pet Yeti will be introduced in Free Fire after the upcoming OB31 update. This pet can beat any other pet in terms of looks. Moreover, pets in Free Fire come up with certain abilities that help players to compete in the battleground. This pet will be added with a unique ability that will be related to damage reduction.

What Is The Free Fire Yeti Pet Ability?

Nowadays, the use of grenades has been increased in Free Fire after the addition of grenade cooking feature in it. Grenade has become one of the most used weapons in Free Fire. Also, in Free Fire players have a character option with the name Alvaro that increases the damage through grenades. However, to overcome the Alvaro ability, Free Fire added damage reduction ability to this new Yeti.

Players using this Yeti pet will get 30% reduced damage from the explosives at max level. Besides, every pet has a certain cooldown time after which players can use the pet’s ability. So, the cooldown time for Yeti Pet is 90 seconds at max level. Even so, most probably this pet will be added to the top-up event. It will be added to the store section later. Players can unlock Yeti directly from the store section in Free Fire.

This pet can become one of the most demanding pets in the future. Also, players will get new pet skins, pet emotes after reaching the max level for free. Players require pet food to level up their pet. Besides, players need to wait for the official announcement from the Garena Free Fire official to know the exact launch date of this pet Yeti.

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