Musical Top-up Free Fire Exclusive Anniversary Items

Free Fire 4th Anniversary Event is all upon us. The active players are responding very well. However, they want more rewards. So, Free Fire once again introduces a new top-up for the users. So, today we will discuss Musical Top-up Event Garena Free Fire Exclusive Anniversary Items.

Garena Free Fire Musical Top-up Event
Garena FF Musical Top-up

Recently, we have seen that the users are enjoying the welcome of the anniversary event. Garena never disappoints the users. Free Fire is now launching new top-up in-game items for the players.

What is Musical Top-up Free Fire?

Basically, it is a new top-up event of Free Fire 4th Anniversary Event. This event will officially run from 19th August to 25th August. Here the players will get exclusive in-game items through Free Fire top-up Diamonds. These exclusive items will give high competition among the users.

What will the Players Get From Musical Top-up Free Fire Exclusive Anniversary Items?

Basically, the active players can avail of two exclusive items during this time through top-up diamonds.

  • Top-up 200 Diamonds:  Thrash Metalic Katana Skin
  • Top-up 500 Diamonds:  Thrash Goth Backpack

Basically, Thrash Netalic Katana is a new in-game skin. The players can get this skin by spending 200 Diamonds. These are very attractive skins. The players should like it very much.

Moreover, Thrash Goth is an in-game backpack in Free Fire. This is a beautiful item which players are liking a lot. The active player can get it by spending 500 Diamonds. They can obtain it until 25th August.

Garena Free Fire Musical Top-up Event Explained:

Basically, In every big event like Free Fire 4th Anniversary Events, you can expect top-up events for sure. So, the users will the opportunities to get rewards. Here, active players could get rare items to diamonds. So, the users need to spend diamonds here.

Basically, The users can get pets, skins, characters, and many more from these events. They will have six more days. The event will continue until 25th August. The gamers can visit the Event Section in-game to know more about the event. Garena Free Fire is offering those two exciting items at the event.


However, there are more surprises to come. There are more chances. Free Fire will launch more rewards. So, Play the event. Enjoy the Free Fire Event. More to come. Stay tuned.

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