Winners of Minecraft Championship (MCC) All Stars: Final Score

Minecraft Championship All Stars
MCC All Stars


Just like every single time, this time too. Here is the Minecraft Championship back, But with a twist. Unlike every time, this time only the winners of the Minecraft Championship (MCC) will take part in this event. Moreover, That is what the name represents of the event Minecraft Championship (MCC) All-Stars.Β 

However, The sole motive of this event is to bring all the supreme players and to figure out who is the best. Moreover, the only goal of the players is to win the Minecraft Championship with Honor attached to their names.

Minecraft Championship (MCC) All-Starts: All Teams

Hence, We have 10 teams in the MCC all-Stars. Therefore, those teams are:

Red Rabbits

Orange Ocelots

However, one member of the Orange Ocelots was replaced.

Yellow Yaks

Lime Llamas

Green Geckos

Cyan Coyotes

Aqua Axolotls

Blue Bats

Purple Pandas

Pink Parrots

Minecraft Championship (MCC) All-Stars: All Games

The All-Star Championship has several games for the event. 9 to be precise. Therefore, Those games are-

  1. Sky Battles
  2. Battle Box
  3. Parkour Tag
  5. Grid Runners
  6. Build Mart
  7. Ace Race
  8. Hole in The Wall
  9. Sands of Time.

All these are the games in the Minecraft Championship (MCC): All-Stars. However, With all these games in the Championship, the events were really exhausting. And after the day we have our winners.

Red Rabbits: MCC All-Stars Winners

Therefore, The Red Rabbits are the official winners of the Minecraft Championship (MCC): All-Stars. Hence, all the round details are given below. Moreover, the ranking of each match is also given below:

Credit Dot esports

Dodgevolt: Red Rabbits 3 – 0 Yellow Yaks

Results by round

First Round: Parkour Tag

Winners: Red Rabbits

Second Round: Sky Battle

Credit Dot esports


Winners: Red Rabbits

Third Round: Grid Runners

Credit Dot esports

Winners: Yellow Yaks

Fourth Round: Ace Race

Credit Dot esports

Winners: Red Rabbits

Fifth Round: Build Mart

Credit Dot esports

Winners: Green Geckos

Sixth Round: Battle Box

Credit Dot esports

Winners: Blue Bats

Seventh Round: Sand of Time

Minecraft Championship
Credit Dot esports

Winners: Red Rabbits


Minecraft Championship
Credit Dot esports

Winners: Red Rabbits

Emergency Player Swap!

During the match, one of the teams has to swap the players. However, this was due to the unfortunate internet drop.Β The MCC P21 Winner@KreekCraft replaced @wispexe. This gave a huge hit to the Orange Ocelots but they recovered to it pretty easily.

Watch The Highlights Of the MCC All-Stars Here

However, To watch the highlights of the MCC All-Stars, visit the official Youtube Channel of the MCC highlights. Moreover, There they have all the highlights regarding every match and round played.

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