PMPL Indonesia Season 3: Finals Day 1, Standings

PMPL Indonesia Season 3 Grand Finals kicked off, where the Top 16 teams will be playing for three days, to determine Top 2 SEA qualification.


PMPL Indonesia Season 3 kicked off their Grand Finals, yesterday. So, the top 16 teams of the Regular Season are participating in a three days long Grand Final.

Genesis started stronger in the PUBG Mobile Pro League Indonesia Season 3: Grand Finals. However, the top two teams from PMPL Indonesia will qualify for the SEA Finals.

PMPL Indonesia Season 3: Grand Finals, Day 1 SummaryΒ 

BTR RA Chicken Dinner
BTR RA Chicken Dinner

Geek Fam secured the first chicken dinner of the PMPL Indonesia Season 3 Grand Finals. Most Importantly, they secured 11 kills in match 1.

ONIC Esports showed dominant gameplay in the 2nd match and secured the win with 14 kills. However, Skylightz Gaming came up with the chicken dinner in match 3 with 13 kills.

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Moreover, Bonafide got the chicken dinner in match 4 while securing 8 kills in the match. Further, Boom Esports and Bigetron Esports secured the fifth and sixth chicken dinner respectively.

Meanwhile, Genesis Dogma GIDS came up with an amazing performance in all matches. So, they are currently leading the leaderboard without taking any chicken dinner.

To clarify, Genesis Dogma GIDS secured a total of 85 points in Season 3 Grand Finals Day 1. Whereas, Bigetron Esports and Geek Fam placed at the second the third position of the leaderboard, respectively.

PMPL Indonesia Season 3: Finals Day 1: Overall Standings

PMPL Indonesia S1 Rankings
PMPL Rankings
  1. Genesis Dogma GIDS – 85 Points
  2. Bigetron Red Aliens – 77 Points
  3. Geek Fam Indonesia – 69 Points
  4. BONAFIDE – 66 Points
  5. Boom Esports – 59 Points
  6. Skylightz Gaming – 53 Points
  7. ONIC Esports – 39 Points
  8. Aerowolf LIMAX – 39 Points
  9. Rex Regum Qeon RYU – 38 Points
  10. Victim Sovers – 33 Points
  11. Eagle 365 Esports – 31 Points
  12. Aura Esports – 30 Points
  13. 21 Esport – 25 Points
  14. EVOS Reborn – 25 Points
  15. Dewa United – 22 Points
  16. Voin Victory88 – 12 Points
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In conclusion, every team in the PUBG Mobile Pro League Indonesia Season 3 showed immersive and strategic gameplay.

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