COD Mobile Season 10 Release Date, Leaks and Details

Read further to know the COD Mobile Season 10 release date and leaks so far!

COD Mobile Season 10 Release Date and Leaks
COD Mobile Season 10 Release Date and Leaks

COD Mobile Season 10 Release Date, Leaks, and Details: The upcoming season in COD Mobile is gonna be the season 10 and the season 10 is about to launch in a few days featuring a couple of additions.

Therefore, follow up on this article for the details regarding the season 10 release date and other leaks in COD Mobile.

Currently, Call of Duty Mobile is celebrating the Halloween theme in the current season 9 naming Nightmare. And, season 9 brought a couple of new features, weapons, and items concluding various events and rewards.

Furthermore, as every season offers a variety of additions, the forthcoming season 10 will also feature a couple of new items concluding maps, weapons, scorestreaks, equipment, events, and more.

Thereby, here are the details regarding the season 10 release date and all the leaks we know so far.

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COD Mobile Season 10 Release Date:

The official release date has not yet been announced by the developers and no confirmations or announcements have been made by the officials yet.

However, as per the assumptions and research calculations, we can expect the launch of season 10 on 18 November 2021. The actual release date may vary as these are just assumptions.

COD Mobile Season 10 Leaks:

Season 10 brings a couple of new items to the game as per the leaks spotted and glimpsed during the test servers. The additions include new weapons, new map, new tactical and lethal equipment, new scorestreak and more items.

Consequently, the leaks suggest that classy new weapons will be launching with the new season. They are classified in each category concluding SVD Dragunov: Sniper, P90: SMG, PKM: LMG, and D13 Sector: Launcher. 

Also, a brand new map naming Vacant originating from Modern warfare 2019 will be making its way to the game with the new season.

Moreover, a brand new tactical grenade naming Decoy Grenade and a brand new Armory Box Operator skill has expected to launch in the upcoming season.

Furthermore, an all new scorestreak naming Energy Storm will be launching in the season 10 in CODM.

Also, a brand new Hell Mode will be adding in the Undead Siege Mode in the upcoming season in COD Mobile.

Apart from these, several other additions and changes will also take place in the forthcoming season in COD Mobile. And, all of these are just assumptions based on the leaks so the actual additions may vary.

Therefore, that’s all about the Call of Duty Mobile Season 10 Release date and leaks!

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