What Is Lethal Equipment in COD Mobile? Complete Details

Head on to this article to know what is lethal equipment in COD Mobile.

Lethal Equipment COD Mobile
Lethal Equipment COD Mobile

What Is Lethal Equipment in COD Mobile: Certainly, an all new Seasonal Challenge event naming Outta the Way had launched in COD Mobile which features a couple of challenges and rewards accordingly concluding a mission to be completed using the lethal equipment.

Therefore, follow up on this article for the complete details regarding lethal equipment in COD Mobile.

COD Mobile Season 9 Nightmare is already live and the new season brings a couple of new items. Those additions conclude new camos, characters, skins, weapons, events, and more. Players are apparently enjoying these new additions and events and accomplishing them too.

As a result, an all new Outta The Way Seasonal event had launched certainly offering a couple of challenges. One of its challenges concludes to perform a certain mission using lethal equipment. Therefore, here are the details regarding the lethal equipment in CODM.

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What Is Lethal Equipment in COD Mobile?

COD Mobile offers a couple of items that players can use during the combats and makes the battle intense. These items include weapons, secondary knives or launchers or weapons, scorestreaks, and tactical and lethal equipment.

All of these features can be utilized by the players during combats and battles. Moreover, lethal equipment is the kind of throwables that can cause damage to opponents when thrown towards them.

There are a total of six lethal equipment in Call of Duty Mobile currently concluding the following.

  • Frag Grenade
  • Sticky Grenade
  • Molotov Cocktail
  • Combat Axe
  • Thermite
  • Trip Mine

Therefore, in order to accomplish the mission listed in the seasonal event, players need to kill a total of 5 enemies by using any of the above lethal equipment.

Moreover, the event even features certain other rewards and challenges accordingly. So here is the list of them.

Here are the Details Regarding the Outta The Way Event in COD Mobile:

Outta the Way event
Outta the Way event

Players can unlock the brand new Thumper Secondary Weapon by accomplishing all the challenges of this event.

  • Play 5 multiplayer matches and get 5 weapon XP Card and 1000 Battle Pass XP as a reward.
  • Kill 5 enemies with any lethal equipment and avail J358 Shocking camo and 1000 Battle Pass XP as a reward.
  • Kill 10 enemies with any pistol and gain Urban Undead and 2000 Battle Pass XP as a reward.
  • Earn the Bloodthirsty medal five times in multiplayer matches and get a Chipset Frame and 2000 Battle Pass XP as a reward.
  • Kill 30 enemies with the Martyrdom perk equipped and avail 10 Weapon XP Card and 3000 Battle Pass XP as a reward.
  • Win 3 matches with any shotgun equipped with any five attachments and gain SKS Voltaic Garden Camo and 3000 Battle Pass XP as a reward.
  • Kill 30 enemies with the Amped perk equipped and finally get the Thumper weapon and 4000 Battle Pass XP as a reward.

Therefore, players can easily unlock the Thumper weapon by achieving all of these missions in COD Mobile.

That’s all about Lethal Equipment and the all new seasonal event in COD Mobile!

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