Minecraft Enchanting Table Setup: Basic Guide of Enchanting

Minecraft Encahnting Table
Minecraft Enchanting Table

Minecraft is a game that is filled with magic and modern concepts at the same time. Once you are breaking wood with your hand. And the next thing you notice is that you are fighting Zombies. All this concept of survival is awesome. And we think that the Whole Minecraft Community enjoys it.

However, the modern concept of building machines is fairly easy to understand. But the concept of Magic is quite difficult for players to understand. And we get it. That is why we are here to help you. This concept of Magic is mostly in the Minecraft Enchanting Table Setup.

What is Minecraft Enchanting Table?

Well to put it simply. As we described earlier, the Minecraft world is both Mixtures of Magic and Modern Technology. The magical part is mostly used in Enchanting Table. So, it is an apparatus that allows you to enchant stuff in Minecraft. But how would you do that specifically?

Crafting of a Minecraft Enchanting Table:-

The crafting of an Enchanting Table is basically very simple and easy. To craft an Enchanting table you will require a few Items. Some of these items will be easy to acquire. But the rest of the items may be difficult. The items that are required for Crafting a Minecraft Enchanting table are:

  • 4- Obsidians
  • 2- Diamonds
  • 1- Book.

So to craft the enchanting table follow these steps carefully-Minecraft Enchantment Table

  1. To make the Minecraft Enchanting table, open the Crafting table.
  2. Then placeΒ  4 Obsidians in the manner described ahead- Three in the bottom layer and one in the central Slot of the Crafting table.
  3. Now place the 2 Diamonds on both sides of that central Obsidian in the Crafting Table.
  4. After this all pace the book on the top middle slot of the Crafting table, Above the Central obsidian.

Hence, you will have the Minecraft Enchanting table. Just drag the enchanting table in your inventory.

Use of the Enchanting table-

The enchanting table has a very easy procedure that most players don’t understand. To use the Minecraft Enchanting Table, you will need two items. These two items are available in the game easily. Those are:

  • Lapis Lazuli- It is an enchanting fuel in Minecraft. Lapis Lazuli helps in enchanting the items. You will need them and place them on the Enchanting table. Only then you will be able to enchant the items.
  • Grindstone-Minecraft Enchantment TableΒ It is another item that will help you while enchanting. Trust us, when we say that this is a life-changer. This thing helps you to get your desired enchantment.

How to activate the Enchantment Table-

The enchantment table at the first will only have one level of enchantments open. To open the rest of the two levels, you will need to add 15 Bookshelves around the Enchanting table. Also, once you have done that, you will need to have a sufficient amount of XP levels to claim Different Enchants.

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