Valorant New Collection: Nunca Olvidados, What’s New?

Know everything about Valorant's new skin collection named Nunca Olvidados.

Valorant New Collection release date
Nunca Olvidados New bundle

Valorant New Collection: Once again, Riot is up with a new bundle of skin and will replace the old one named RGX Pro. The new skin in Valorant is named Nunca Olvidados which is a Spanish term, meaning never forget. The name looks interesting and so is the skin. So, let’s know more about the skin.

What’s Special In Valorant New Colection Named Nunca Olvidados?

Nunca Olvidados Price
Patch Note 3.08 is now available

Valorant always comes up with cool skins and they have set a high standard for themselves. Previously, they launched a butterfly comb knife in the Valorant go series. Following that bundle, the RGX 11Z Pro had a Katana knife. The new knife also has something special, let’s talk about it.

The new collection of skin in Vanlorant is termed after a holiday of Spain. Moreover, the festival is one of the famous in Spain. The colours extracted on the skins look pretty and are well distributed. Looking at the early glimpses of the gun skins, the Nunca Olvidados actually gives the vibe of the festival.

The knife here is named Catrina knife. Furthermore, it looks cool and is ‘S’ shaped. The interesting fact is, it changes its colour according to the weather you play in or the light around in your game. For example, it will look different in the Bind map and a little different on Split.

Moreover, the skins of the bundle are not upgradable. This is a good step from Riot as the previous two skins of the game (Zedd Skins and RGX 11Z Pro) were quite expensive were of high quality. So, this is new Valorant skin collection is simple and affordable.

Guns Available 

Including the melee, there is 5 gun available in Nunca Olvidados Valorant bundle. There is no operator and considering the price of the bundle, it is worth buying. Here is the list of guns:

  • Frenzy
  • Catrina (Melee)
  • Bulldog
  • Ares
  • Vandal

Release Date and Price

The skin will available for players one day after the update. This means Indian players can buy the Nunca Olvidados skin from 21st October. However, it will be available in the store from 20th October.

The price of the skin is only 5500 VP. Players will also receive a Player card if they purchase the whole bundle. However, they can also buy any specific gun. Here is the price:

  • Frenzy –     1275  VP
  • Ares –         1275  VP
  • Bulldog –   1275  VP
  • Vandal –    1275  VP
  • Melee –      2550  VP

The new Valorant skin collection looks very much cool and it is affordable too. The colours of the skin give a great feeling and players can buy this one.

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