Global Esports vs Paper Rex: Valorant APAC LCQ Results

Here are all the details and match reports of the Paper Rex vs Global Esports Valorant match.

Global Esports vs Paper Rex
SEA team Paper Rex

Global Esports vs Paper Rex: TheBest Asian team Paper Rex completely outplayed the South Asian representative’s Global esports in the Upper quarterfinals match of APAC LCQ. Paper Rex defeated GE by 2-0 in the best of three matches. Now, they will be facing Northeption in the upper semifinals.

Here are all the details including the match report.

Global Esports vs Paper Rex: Match Report APAC LCQ

Valorant Last Chance Qualifie
APAC region LCQ

The match started well for both the teams at Icebox as Paper Rex won the first two rounds and Global esports responded with 2 wins. However, the fourth round was cancelled as few players faced ping issues.

Paper Rex have global experience as they played VCT Masters Berlin. Moreover, the team is the top-ranked team in Asia on the basis of match ranked system. Also, the ping seemed to be making a difference between both teams.

Keeping the fact in mind, Paper Rex started their aggressive moves and GE failed to tackle it. Global lost both the maps and are now forced to play in the lower bracket.

Match-1, Icebox: Paper Rex Dominates Icebox

The first match was completely dominated by the South Eastern Asian team as they crushed GE by 13-3. The ping issue might be an issue as the game was stopped in the fourth round when it was 2-1.

Global Esports vs Paper Rex
The map is considered as Paper Rex’s strongest map

After resuming the game, Paper Rex completely outplayed Global esports in every aspect and won the map. However, it was a map picked by Paper Rex.

Score: 13-3 (Paper Rex)

Top Fragger: f0rsaken (20 kills with Sova)

Global Esports Top fragger: Hellranger (14 kills with Viper), Skillz (14 Kills with Killjoy)

Match 2, Split: GE Clean Sweeped

GE failed to secure a single round on the map of Split

This was one of the maps which Indian fans would not love to remember as their best team got thrashed 13-0. Paper Rex didn’t lose a single round in the map of Split and showed why they are one of the best teams of the tournament.

GE looked a little shattered as the pressure was on them. However, this is just one of those days, where Global esports players looked shaky.

Score: 13-0 (Paper Rex)

Top Fragger: Benkai (15 kills with Astra)

Global Esports Top fragger: Skillz (9 Kills with Raze)

What’s Next For Global Esports?

Losing the Paper Rex vs Global Esports match doesn’t mean, the journey has ended for Global esports. Moreover, they will be now competing in the lower bracket. GE’s next match will be played on 14th October where they will face the winner of the F4Q vs Fennel match.

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