Free Fire x Venom: Free Rewards, Event Calendar, and more details

Free Fire X Venom
Featured Image of Free Fire Collaboration

Free Fire x Venom Event: The best way to promote anything is collaboration. That same tactic is used by Garena Free Fire developers. Moreover, They collaborated with many celebrities and movies. This time they are collaborating with Venom 2 movie.

Today they release a new Event Called Free Fire x Venom. Below you get in-depth details about this event. Like Rewards, Event Calander, and more…

Free Fire x Venom: Rewards and Event Calander

Free Fire X venom
Collaboration Event of Free Fire and venom!

The event starts on 13th October and it will end on 24th October. The total time of the event is 14 days or in other words 2 weeks. Below you will get full details of events going to happen between 2 weeks.

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Free Fire x Venom: Carnage Tokens

To get the benefits and rewards of this event you need to collect tokens. These tokes are “Carnage Tokens”. Which will work like in-game to get items. Carnage Tokens are obtained by completing challenges and tasks.

Some of the challenges are listed below:

  • Play Three matches: You need to play at least three matches in total. You can choose any mode in Free Fire.
  • Five Kills: Collect five kills in total to complete this challenge.
  • Play for 60 minutes: For completing this challenge your playing time has to cross 60 minutes time limit. In other words, play for 60 minutes.
  • Match with their friends: Play a match with your friend. Any type of match and make sure to complete that match.
collaboration poster of Venom and Free Fire
Venom and Free Fire: collaboration poster of Venom and Free Fire

Event-1: Log in now!

A Very simple event challenge. To get the reward of Long Now! the event you just need to long in your Free Fire account. After completing this event you will get Venom Backpack as your event reward. Make sure to log in that day!

Event-2: Fight with Venom’s power

Venom’s Power event will reward you with Carnage Helmet. It will be going to held on 16 October. You have to play for at least 60 minutes after starting the event to get this reward. In other words, to get this Carnage Helmet you need to play for 60 minutes on 16 October.

Event-3: Chaos Quest

Chaos Quest is the biggest event of the Free Fire x Venom event. Moreover, this is event contains the biggest reward. The bundle of Venom wears for players. To obtain this you need to collect 15 tokens to exchange this reward.

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