Free Fire Max Soul Top-Up , offering Free Emote, Pet skin and more

Free Fire
07/12/2022/Garena going to release Free Fire Max event and also offering new emotes, pet skin and backpack/Credits: ADMM Gaming YouTube.

Free Fire players have recently enjoyed multiple successive top-up events, with the developers launching new ones one after another. The previous Death Bite Top-Up came to an end on December 5, 2022, and the Soul Top-Up is already live on the Indian server.

While the highest requirement for the event is the same as the previous event, the developers have increased the total number of rewards. Fans can now get a free backpack, pet skin, and even an emote after fulfilling all of the current top-up event’s requirements. Continue reading to find out more about Free Fire MAX’s continuing top-up event.

Free Fire Max Soul Top-up

You can take advantage of the new event Free Fie Max soul top-up till December 11, 2022. The new Soul Top-Up event started on the Indian server on December 6, 2022. The designers have established three purchase levels, each of which includes a complimentary appealing cosmetic. The following are the awards along with the associated diamond requirements:

  • You can acquire a free Soul Keeper Backpack by buying 100 diamonds.
  • Get the Spectral Guide pet skin for free when you spend 300 diamonds.
  • You can acquire a free Eternal Descent Emote by spending 500 gems.
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Any diamond purchase will count toward all three top-up criteria because the three requirements are sequential. Consequently, a top-up of 500 diamonds will satisfy all of the event’s requirements and entitle players to three exclusive awards without any further charge. Since you don’t need to use more diamonds to get these rewards, they are regarded as being free.


You can use the following instructions to buy diamonds and then claim your benefits from the top-up event:

Step 1: Click the “+” icon in Free Fire MAX to open the top-up area.

Step 2: A lengthy list of top-up options will show; select the one that is best for you.

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Step 3: Finish the transaction to get diamonds in your account.

The ideal choice is a pack of 520 diamonds costing INR 400 because the maximum need is 500 diamonds. You can wait until the next event to make this buy if you want to get a bigger pack to get a better deal.

Step 4: Go to the Events section after adding diamonds to your account.

Step 5: From the menu, choose the Soul Top-Up event, then click the Claim button next to the rewards.

While the pet skin will be available in the pet section, you can equip the emote and bag from the vault section. The benefits from this top-up event are appealing and significantly superior to those from the prior one. Interested players can take this opportunity without a doubt.

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