Top 5 Best Landing Spots in Free Fire for Rank Pushing (October 2021)

Featured Image: Best Landing Spots in Free Fire
Top 5 Best Landing Spots in Free Fire for Rank Pushing (October 2021)

Free Fire – Best Landing Spots in Free Fire For Rank Pushing! Garena Free Fire is a survival game. Players need to play strategically to win the matches. Rank pushing is one of the most challenging tasks in the game.

You need to be one step ahead of other players. And landing spots play a crucial role in this game. Benefits? Better loot, an advantage of the blue zone, and more.

Best Landing Spots in Free Fire for Rank Pushing:

Choose these spots depending upon your plane route. Moreover, find a place where you can reach faster than anyone.

Command Post

Kalahari: Command Post
Kalahari: Command Post

The first location for rank pushing in Free Fire is Command Post. This is located on the Kalihari map. Command Post is the center of the Kalihari map where the majority of players land.

Moreover, you get a good amount of loot and lots of chances to get into battles. You can quickly push your rank if you get used to the Command Post. Not to mention you can reach this location from every part of the plane route.

On the other hand, you need to be an experienced player to keep yourself in the game. You will get a good amount of decent Free Fire players.


Landing Spot: Bermuda

The next best landing spots on the list is Khatulistiwa. It is located near the D3 section of the Bermuda map. Most players have pretty good knowledge of this landing spot. Not to mention it is one of the best locations in custom matches.

Khatulistiwa is best when it comes to the safest locations. Many players do not want to get into the fight right away. Some need a good place to get started. On the other hand, do not expect a good amount of loot from this place.

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BayFront in Free Fire
Landing Spot: BayFront

BayFront from the Kalihari map. This location is best for aggressive players. It gives you a good amount of loot and chances to engage in many fights. You need to score points to push your rank. To get a high score, you need to engage in fights.

On the other hand, to survive in this landing spot you need skills. Free Fire is a game of skills and strategy.


Landing Spot
Crossroad in Purgutary

Crossroads is located in Purgatory. This landing spot gives you a decent number of players and a good amount of loot. In other words, one of the best locations for average players.

The exact location of Crossroads is the northwest corner of the map. Moreover,  it is better for solo players.

The Best Landing Spots in Free Fire? Brasilia

Barasilia: Landing Spot
Landing Spot in Purgotroy

The best landing spot in Free Fire is Brasilia. It is located at the center of the map which makes it very popular among players. A good amount of loot and intense fights are specialties of Brasilia.

If you are going to land here then be prepared for a fight. To get most of this landing spot try to land on a higher building. The goal is to take control of the whole area.


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