Mega Drop : Fortnite Secret Lair Cards

Fortnite Secret Lair Cards

Magic is going to release the Fortnite Secret lair MGT cards. Yes, you read it correctly. On the 24th of August, Magic: The Gathering had its showcase. In that showcase, they announced a lot of brand new games and mega drops. One of the drops being the all-time favorite- Fortnite.

What is Magic: The Gathering(MGT):-

Well, for those of you, who don’t know what or who is “Magic: The Gathering”. Richard Garfield in 1993, created a card game known as Magic. Therefore, it is a tabletop as well as digitally collectible. Wizards of the Coast, now known as Hasbro, first introduced this game.

Fortnite Secret Lair MGT :

In this showcase, MTG announced that they are going to release “Fortnite Secret Lair”. As a result, Fortnite and MTG fans are going crazy. There is no complete information on what are the upcoming Fortnite Secret Lairs are, but according to the leaks-

  • Fishy
  • Goul Tropper
  • Cuddle Team Leader

And about the locations in Fortnite Secret Lair, there is no information available at all. However, the leaks shortly come to light. Until then the excitement for the MGT and Fortnite fans is escaping the roof.

Hate for the MGT and Fortnite Collaboration:-

As the hype for the upcoming Fornite Secret Lair is increasing day-by-day, on the other hand, slight hate is also being received. Moreover, many are claiming that MGT has lost all its grounds. That they have gone as low as they could by introducing Fortnite Secret Lair.

But this is all part of the journey to success. On the other hand, MGT is not seen to be affected by any means.

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