How to Get Free Renegade Rider Skin in Fortnite?

How to Get the Renegade Raider Skin in Fortnite for Free? Are there any ways to do this? Know all of the details regarding the OG skin of Fortnite.

renegade rider fortnite skin
Renegade Raider Fortnite Skin

Renegade Rider Skin in Fortnite:Β The Renegade Raider skin is a really famous skin in Fortnite that you can find almost anywhere. We can also call it the sweatiest or Old-School skin of Fortnite. But the fact that she is actually an OG skin or not is still difficult to comprehend. So we have this complete guide for you to know for yourself if the Renegade Rider Skin is actually worth it or not.

Which is the Sweatiest Skin in Fortnite?

All of us might already know an answer to this question by now. Since we’ve praised the Renegade Raider Skin so much. We are actually going to go ahead and call it the Sweatiest Skin in Fortnite. Why so? You’ll find an answer to it if you keep reading.

The Renegade Rider is hard to get since there are very few skins that Fortnite absolutely denies giving out. Apart from this, there are several reasons for the skin being rare.

About the Renegade Raider in Brief:

Fortnite/Batman Issue 4
Fortnite/Batman Issue 4

If you also read the Batman/Fortnite issues (Batman/Fortnite Zero Point Issue 4) you should remember that the Renegade Rider Skin was also featured in it. The only thing is that Fortnite showed her stuck inside a loop for over 4 years. If Fortnite continues to go with this storyline there are even lesser chances to see the Renegade Raider back in Fortnite.

She received a checkered version of her skin for the players who already had her. This was an editable style and added in the v8.10 update. Besides this, you could also observe her lava counterpart on June 27, 2020 (Blaze). Furthermore, in December 2020, she receives yet another counterpart for her by the name of Gingerbread Raider.

So, can you still get the Renegade Rider skin in Fortnite? Find the answer to this question below.

Can you Still Get the Renegade Raider Skin in Fortnite?

Renegade Raider checkered version

That is going to be a big fat no. Unfortunately, it is not possible to get this OG skin anymore. Although, if Fortnite decides to bring back the skin in the Item Shop somehow. But we don’t think that this skin is going to be available in Fortnite soon enough. And not soon enough may even be never.

She was only there in Fortnite Season 1 and Fortnite never looked back on her after that Season. Even in that season, you could only get her if you unlocked her in the Seasonal Shop.

So, for a player to actually have the Renegade Raider Skin means he has been a fan of the game since the launch of the game. Renegade Rider Skin was a part of the Storm Scavenger Set in Fortnite.

Some of the other Rarest Skins in Fortnite include the Synapse Skin in Fortnite.

When Did Renegade Rider Last Come in Fortnite?

The Renegade Raider last came in Fortnite in the very early days of Fortnite. During Season 1, if you still remember the Seasonal Shop, you could unlock the skin by reaching just level 20. And as we mentioned earlier, this even if you couldn’t accomplish in Season 1 directly interprets that you missed the skin.

It was when Epic launched the game. And this is exactly why we called it the sweatiest skin in Fortnite. Because only the players who’ve played this game for very long know that this Skin is among the rarest.

Not only is it the rarest but also the hardest skin you can get in Fortnite.

Why is Renegade Raider So Rare?

renegade rider fortnite skin
Renegade Rider Fortnite Skin

Even though there are a lot of reasons for the above question we’ll try to keep it brief and to the point. The main reasons for Renegade Raider Skin to be so rare are:

  • The Skin is an exclusive skin that is probably never going to come back in Fortnite.
  • The Renegade Rider Skin was only featured during Season 1(Seasonal Shop)Β after which it was never released even in the Fortnite Item Shop.
  • She is the counterpart of Rust Lord who is very rare himself. But not rare than Renegade Raider herself. Both of them are from the Storm Scavenger set.
  • Has never been in Fortnite Item Shop before.
  • Very very limited ways to get the outfit.

Unlike the J Balvin Fortnite Skin, Renegade Raider is not going to be in Fortnite Item Shop or anywhere else to buy.

Fortnite Renegade Raider Account Free:

There are a lot of ways you can get the Renegade Rider Skin in Fortnite. But most of them are not legal according to Epic. So what are the ways to do it?

Well, for starters you can get yourself an older account that people usually sell. This may be highly costly and not recommended by Epic. So, beware of such activities. Apart from this, you can also mod your own skins or use a Skin Generator.

But most of these ways are usually a scam or not working. In order to solve this, we have a video at the end of the post to let you know how to get the Renegade Rider Skin in Fortnite. Currently, there aren’t any accounts that you can grab for free with the Renegade Raider skin. It is also because the skin is so rare that players don’t give out the accounts easily.

Or you could also use a Private Server like Storm Launcher in Fortnite.

To provide you with a solution we have the video below. Watch it carefully before you finally depart. Also make sure to tell us your thoughts on the Renegade Raider OG Skin.

Renegade Raider Code:

This is yet another way to redeem the Renegade Raider Skin. However, in order to claim skin like this, you’ll have to follow the exact steps given in the video below. This way you can earn your Renegade Rider Skin in Fortnite.

Note: This video explains how to redeem the skin by exploiting a bug/glitch in the game. Since Fortnite also knows the limited number of accounts that have access to the skin, a new entry can alert them. And this can get you in trouble. So please try this at your own risk.

For more such Fortnite news, updates, skins, character covers, quest guides and much more you can keep following us here.

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